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The Category 1 Prep App walks yacht owners through the process of upgrading their sailing vessel to the safety standards required for ORC Category 1 offshore yacht races. Bringing a boat up to a Category 1 safety standards can be a daunting, confusing and potentially expensive task. The biggest problem is the Cat 1 regulations are barely readable in some sections, largely due to the use of legalese and extensive technical descriptions that only a naval architect can decode.

We hope to simplify the upgrade process through publishing an app that acts as a sort of “cliff notes” for the regulations. It takes the boat owner through every major system of their boat in an easy to use tab format, describes and decodes requirements of Category 1 in plain english and shows examples of some simple solutions to the more confusing requirements.

This is Part 1 which covers the Yacht and its component systems. Personal safety equipment requirements are covered in Part 2 of the app, which can be purchased separately.

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