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Jordan Series Drogue

Name Jordan Series Drogue
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Revolutionary Storm Survival Drogue.
Jordan Series Drogue is a safety device designed to prevent the capsize and damage of both monohull and multihull sailing yachts and other vessels operating in the open ocean, in the event of a “worst case” breaking wave strike, as well as improving the motion of the boat in storm waves and to reduce drift.

The Jordan Series Drogue has been at sea for over 15 years. At least 1000 are in use all over the world. The drogue has been deployed through many storms including several hurricanes. No boat has ever been damaged and no crew injured. A typical comment from the skipper is ” I did not feel threatened.”.

The series drogue has been developed using modern engineering technology, including model tests in wave channels, computational dynamic analysis, and full scale testing by the U.S. Coast Guard at their motor life boat testing facility where boats are subjected to breaking waves formed on the Columbia river bar.

The drogue consists of a number of small cones woven into a tapered line with a small weight at the end. The maximum design load and the number of cones is determined by the displacement of the boat.

Some skippers call it ” THE SAILORS AIRBAG”

Also Speed Reducing/Emergency steering aid versions.

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