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Crew of Sleijride, halfway to Bermuda.
Photo by Adam Cort

Bermuda Race Competitor Sleijride Featured in Sail Magazine

This past June, as I was getting ready for my own first go at the race, I couldn’t help wondering if I really belonged there. My ride to Bermuda was a fairly ordinary one—a vintage J/37 performance cruiser named Sleijride...
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Newport-Bermuda Race 2014: Cruising Lessons from Ocean Racers

Following is an excerpt from a thoughtful blog post written by a one of this year’s entrants… Participating in the Bermuda Race last week (my first), got me thinking about the differences between ocean racing and ocean cruising, and what the...
Credit: Pickthall/PPL

Mini-Maxis swap lead, Sinn Fein pushing hard

The predicted battle for the elapsed time victory in the Newport Bermuda Race between the three Mini-Maxis in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division is coming to fruition. Based on the tracker report as of 5 AM on Saturday with 485...
RBYC after 2012 Bermuda Race

2014 Bermuda Race Crew Lists Posted

The crew list and sailor classifications for each yacht in the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race® have been posted on the Official Notice Board. Competitors are reminded that protests with respect to crew ISAF Sailor Classifications must be received by the...
Glenn Family Participation Prize

Don’t Leave Hardware on the Table (Trophy Hardware, That Is)

  Don’t overlook the three Special Entry Prizes in the Newport Bermuda Race. They qualify for Cross-Divisional (X-DV) competition, which means boats from different divisions compete head to head for the same prize.  Entries will be accepted until 9 a.m. on Friday...
Jim Teeters ORR

How ORR Scoring works in the Bermuda Race

Just how is the Newport Bermuda Race scored under ORR?  For the answer, including an explanation of the race’s handicapping system, watch this video by Technical Committee member Jim Teeters.  

Notice of Race Amendment no. 3

Amendment No. 3 to the Notice of Race and a revised Notice of Race incorporating that amendment  have been posted in the race website’s document area.  The amendment is designed to provide relief from the May 22nd Measurement Deadline to...

March Newsletter – Application Deadline Approaching Fast

Application Deadline ~ 1 Week away Applications for Entry are due by 1700 hours, April 1, after which applicants may incur a time penalty.  To date, 161 boats have filed Applications for Entry.  Many boats long identified with the race are coming back, and...