Chairman’s Letter: Leadership Transition and Other Notes

This letter was mailed to competitors today—a final note from Race Chair Jonathan Brewin on the 2018 Thrash to the Onion Patch—and included the announcement of his successor, Jay Gowell.

Dear Competitors,

Our photo galleries are complete and posted at 2018 Media Gallery for your enjoyment. If you see the right photo of your boat, you may purchase it in high resolution through the Pickthall Picture Library (PPL), Daniel Forster, or others who have galleries on the page. In addition, owners will receive a mailing from PPL shortly with a link to photos of their boats or crews.

In support of our partnership with Clean Ocean Access and our drive for Clean Regattas certification, we encouraged you to take part in a balloon-tracking campaign during the race. If you logged balloons that you saw during the race, please scan or take a photo of your log sheet and return it asap to Dave McLaughlin at Clean Ocean Access. Even if you didn’t keep a log, if you saw balloons, please drop Dave a descriptive note.

We sent you a link to our post-race survey last week and encourage you to fill it out if you haven’t had time to do so yet. Here is the link again, and if you have already completed the survey, many thanks!

Jay Gowell’s Temptress, a Taylor 41, begins the 2018 Race. Dan Nerney/PPL photo.

It’s been my privilege to serve as Chairman of the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race on behalf of the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and the extensive group of volunteers serving on the Organizing Committee. I’d like to close by introducing the 2020 Race Chairman, Jay Gowell, a Rhode Islander and the skipper of Temptress in recent races, as well as being Vice Chairman, working closely with me in the 2018 Race. He has literally written the manual on how the race is organized, and I know you’ll be hearing from him soon as many of you begin planning for 2020. Thank you for your support and participation. Please join me in thanking Jay and supporting him over the next two years.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Brewin
2018 Newport Bermuda Race Chairman

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