Crew Member Listing: Amber Farrow

Name Amber Farrow
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 5
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

Growing up in Bermuda I trained and competed in Nationals for 3 consecutive summers, which led to me applying to compete in the 2013/14 Round the World Clipper Yacht Race.

I have just finished the race in March 2014. I competed in 5 races that in total logged 13,101nm. Within this I also competed in the Sydney to Hobart race. I have logged a total of 468 night hours and 78 days racing on boats. Sailing through a maximum wind force of 12.

In this race my 2 year Leiths Course cooking qualification came in use, as we rotated through the different roles (Engineer, Navigator, Mother, Cleaner) every day. I have learnt many skills including sail repairs, plumbing and rope work.

Currently I am on a Gap Year and have been accepted to study Architecture in September. I really enjoy living and racing on boats which is why after competing in the Clipper Race I have decided to continue my passion for offshore racing.

Phone 2972880
Profile Last Updated March 27, 2014

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