Crew Member Listing: Avery Ellis

Name Avery Ellis
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 5
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? No
ISAF Classification Category 1

Avery Ellis
My name is Avery Ellis and am 23 years old and will be 24 in June. I am from Storrs Connecticut but currently reside in Newport Rhode Island. I began my sailing experience by learning how to sail on a JY 15’s through the mystic seaport. From there my family briefly owned a Pearson 30, which we day sailed. I then went on to learn how to do bow on an X-99. While racing on this boat we would consistently race to Block Island from East Greenwich as well as engage in weekend races in Narragansett Bay. During college I attended UCONN and went to the Avery Point campus in Groton and quickly joined the sailing club. I had access to the typical college sailing arsenal of 420’s, FJ’s, and JY 15’s. During my college career I sailed Sunday frostbite racing through the Essex yacht club on a JY 15 and continue to do so. Through out college I worked for a 12-meter campaign that owns and races Victory 83 and Defender. I worked fulltime with the program during the summer and part time during the college semesters. With this program it has been my responsibility to ensure that the two 12 meters and tender are maintained and are in proper working condition. I have sailing experience on both of these boats but also spend time on the tender while racing. I also often fill in as crew on the other 12 meters that are local to Newport. I have graduated college and have continued to work for this program. I graduated college with a BA in Maritime Studies and other then the opportunity to sail I was fortunate enough to take scuba diving classes, which allowed me to obtain my basic open water diving, certificate as well as an advanced scientific diving certificate. With these classes I also took first aid and am certified to administer oxygen in a medical situation.
I compete in the shields class for Wednesday night racing through the Ida Lewis Yacht Club. I have done this for the past two seasons and am about to enter my third season of shields sailing. On the boat I am either assigned the position of bow or pit.
I have some offshore experience and am looking for more. I have done the past four Ida Lewis Distance Races three of these races I was crew for Oakcliff boats. For the Oakcliff Farr 46 I was offside trim, on the Oakcliff Farr 40 my primary position was offside trim. I then sailed on Temptation a Ker 50 that is chartered and run by Oakcliff. On this boat my primary position was trim. For the Oakcliff the race positions shifted during offshore races. While my primary position was the one assigned, I often moved forward to be part of the bow team. My most recent Lewis Distance Race was on an Andrews 70 where I was assigned bow for the race. Some of my non-racing off shore experience includes delivering a custom 40-foot boat called Baby Bella from New Bedford to Annapolis.
I am currently employed as a sail maker by North Sails RI and have been with the company since October. I am still doing winter work for the 12-meter program of Victory 83 as well as Defender and will be working with the program again this coming summer.

Personal Information:
Phone Number, 860-617-3229
ISAF Sailor ID, USAAE39 Category 1 valid through July 14, 2018

Phone 860-617-3229
Profile Last Updated April 23, 2018

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