Crew Member Listing: Pombar, Carl

Name Pombar, Carl
Position(s) Cook
Off-Shore Races 0
Available for Prep? No
Available for Return? No
ISAF Classification Category 1

Although I’ve yet to do an off-shore race, I am WILLING, READY & ABLE…I have a great interest in and deep passion for big boat sailing and have been wanting an opportunity. My personality has always been to jump into the deep end and figure it out. I’m resourceful, book and street smart (I think – top undergrad and MBA programs) and I’m psychically fit (marathoner with 14 under my belt, NYC in November, again, 50+ half-marathons and numerous triathlons as well as a cross-fitter). I also love to cook and do so for my (large) family 5x a week. Whether it be my secret chili, dry-rub marinated pork tenderloin w/sauerkraut, healthy grilled chicken chopped salad, or carbo-loading chicken scarpariello over linguine. I am not at all a professional chef, but the best foods aren’t made with training but rather with love.

What I may not have in experience I make up for in attitude, mental and physical ability and (hopefully) culinary abilities. In return for the experience of this amazing race I will provide for the crew by way of the galley, do any odd job, and do it with a kick-a** approach. I am a father of 3 girls, I live in Darien, CT, love to have fun and laugh, have very high morals and values, have a great appreciation for common sense and highly articulate people, and a passion and deep desire to learn off-shore sailing.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Phone 917-612-0545
Profile Last Updated March 21, 2018

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