Crew Member Listing: B, Franck

Name B, Franck
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 3
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Do not Know
ISAF Classification Category 1

Hi! I’m Franck, 31 years old. I’m here to win that race with you! I have 25 years sailing experience, coastal and offshore. I’m in top shape physical condition (training & boxing).
Until 2 years I’m one of permanent crew member of Atlas Ocean Racing from Quebec/Canada and we race/ferry on Mythic Volvo Vor60 (60 foot) on North Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. We navigated with a team of 16 crew member. So it’s natural for me to work with a large amount of people on the same boat and on a restricted area.
We also work on different shift (Day / Night (3 hours On / 3 hours Off).
Sometime I’m watch captain, sometime captain boat, sometime bowman or quartermaster.

I don’t get seasick.

I was competition sailing instructor (coach) on Laser 1 & 2 and Byte when I was younger.
I started sailing at 5 years old on Optimist and Mistral on St-Lawrence River, Quebec. After that on larger boat (30-40 feet keel boat by example).

I have more than 5000 nm on Atlantic Sea and more than 10 000 nm on St-Lawrence River.

I still have a lot of thing too learn but I’m open mind and good worker /team player.

In my personal life I’m working in IT like System Administrator. I have a lot IT Skill (Radar, Navigation System, Radio, Windows, Linux, Mac, Servers …)

I can patch / repair anything (Fiber Glass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar) and do some engine mechanic and electricity (12 V batteries system). I can also work with you to prepare the boat before the race.

Let me know if my profile fit with your team! Contact me by e-mail.

Profile Last Updated February 15, 2018

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