Crew Member Listing: James Anfossi

Name James Anfossi
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races None
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

25 year old sailor from Bermuda. I haven’t sailing too much in recent years besides this last one in which I am learning to sail my moth. I have extensive dinghy background and have competed at the highest level in my junior years. International highlights include ISAF youth worlds – i420 (29th – 4 days in that boat before evet), 5th opti worlds 2007, 2nd opti NAs 2007 and numerous Bermuda titles.

Aside from my sailing skills, I really excel at boat work and engine knowledge and repair. I have ripped apart my Bertram 20′ and replaced floor, transom etc all myself using all composite materials. I have built a boat for a motorboat race in Bermuda using carbon and vacuum bagging also (foam core).

I also have grown up in a family that is obsessed with motors and boats in general and am very handy on all motors and mechanical work. I personally own numerous outboards that i fix, restore and repair myself and one volvo d3 diesel in the Bertram that I also maintain.

My current career is a Catastrophe Modelling Analyst, I hold a ‘Bachelor of Math’ from the University of Waterloo in Canada. My job involved modeling hurricanes, storms and earthquakes and seeing the potential outcome of these events as it relates to insurance losses. I have a strong amateur knowledge of weather since its been a passion of mine since a young age, and it also relates to my job.

I have experience with free routing software qtVlm, but only for using it for the VOR online game!

I have put down ‘available for boat prep and return’, I most likely could only swing one of those but that will have to be determined

Phone 4413052796
Profile Last Updated October 28, 2017

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