Crew Member Listing: Ríos Béjar, Juan Manuel

Name Ríos Béjar, Juan Manuel
Position(s) Watch Captain
Off-Shore Races 1
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

Juan Manuel Ríos Béjar


Address: Barcelona, España, Europa.
Nationality: Spanish
birth date: 10th February 1963
DNI: 35.045.647-H
Passport: BB905225
Spain: 0034 664271579
Skype: juanmanuelriosbejar
-Spanish: fluency
-Catalan: fluency
-English: upper intermediate


YACHT POINT academy in Barcelona
7th March 2014
Course of 8 hours with radio simulator. Practice course of radio of Yacht Captain (Spanish tittling).
Boating Private academy
June 2008
PER (Spanish titling same to coast yatchmaster, enable to sail boats until 40 feet length and 12 miles far away of shore)
Harbour of Alicante
Professional Diver until 14 meters.
Diving private academy
Sportive diver until 20 meters.

Skipper | Different companies renting boats
2010 – 2013
50 days or more into storms over 35 knots, 2 or 3 of them during the night, the rest at day. Some owner’s boat call me when there is probably bad conditions weather. My funniest experience sailing was in Galicia, in “Costa Da Morte” during Christmas in 2011-2012, fifteen days sailing everyday including yelow alert. I was with two; sometimes three, crews that had never been sailing in bad weather conditions. I trained them for three days into the Rias of Galicia and after that we had a very hard and funny experience in the Atlantic with winds over 35 knots and waves around 5 or 6 metres and some of them 8 meters. All of them had titillation and some experience but not in bad weather. All of us had very good security measures and returned to the harbour at night. At the moment I have had no bad experience sailing yet. I have solved all problems that I have had without personal injury and not too expensive cost so I haven’t had a bad experience sailing. Every time that I have had storms (up to 40 knots and 6 meter ocean waves) I have felt save and not afraid. Maybe over 40 knots or in other conditions I might panic, I don’t know. The sea once in a while can be frightening.
Skipper, crew and repairing | Ownerships
2011 – 2013
Experience as a skipper in sailboats up to 40 feet. I have experience teaching sailors. I usually sail 2 or 3 days a week when I stay in Barcelona, generally I sail in a 30 foot length and I am the skipper normally but lately I every time sail with friends which I taught two years ago and now they have higher Spanish navigation titling than me. So everyone does what he wants and there is a very good feeling in the boat, for me that is the most important question in a boat.
I knew one of their when he was an owner of a boat and we had to make some repairs on the boat like change the stay, paint the boat hull, put fat at the winch, install a pomp with 3 positions switch (automatic, hand and stop), change ropes, et cetera. I have done some repairs in other boats but only so amateur not so a professional. Usually I am in charge to going to the top of the mast and for this work I want conscious people taking care of ropes, usually two friends.
Skipper or crew| Renting boats or witch ownerships
2008 – 2013
Between 5000 and 10000 nm, half of them so a skipper for 50 or 70 weekends and completely weeks renting or with ownerships. Puma 29, Puma 32, Bavaria 30, Bavaria 40, Jeanneau 40, Jeanneau 36, Dheler 36, other boats up to 50 feets.
- Travel from Madeira to Cadiz as a crew. Atlantic Ocean.
-8 or 10 trips from Barcelona to Mallorca. Dheler 36, Bavaria 40, others.
- 3 years so a partner in a renting boat company. All the partners paid a subscription every month and we can sail between 7 and 9 days at month, but there was a lot of new sailors, with titling but without practice experience, and many of their called me for help and to teach theirs. In this time I sailed 3 or 4 days at week. Jeanneau 36
- Ophiusa race 2012 From Sitges (Barcelona) to Menorca (Balearic Island) as a watch captain. Bavaria 30.
-30 days in Galicia (Costa da Morte), North-west of Spain, Atlantic Ocean, between December the 21th to January the 5th as a Skipper, 2011 and 2012. We had a yellow alert in 2011 with winds over 40 knots and 4-6 meters waves, some of theirs with 8 meters, only with sun light. Jeanneau 36 , beneteau 40, First 38.
-10 days so skipper in south of Spain between December 20th 2013 to January 2014, nearly 400 nm. December the 26th we got wind picks over 60 knots and, during 3 hours, stable winds between 45 and 55 knots of apparent wind and 4 meters waves. No injuries, no damage. The boat was 140º-160º from the true wind more or less, only with sun light. First 38
Windsurf | Base náutica de la Mar Bella, BArcelona
2000 – 2006
Good level
Soft sail | Centro municipal de Vela, Barcelona
2010 – 2013
Hobby Cat. Intermediate level
Laser. Intermediate level
Diver and spearfishing
1980 – 1993
For 13 years I have practiced spearfishing. I am diver sportive and professional too for 25 years but lately I haven’t practiced and I have never worked as a professional diver. Of course I can do so if necessary.


Currently Studying English at home.

University College of Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland, Europe
21th December 2013
3 month studying English, 20 hours weekly, I reached a level B1in the exam of CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT.

June 1991
Electric-Electronic Technical Engineer


Secondary school teacher | Spanish Government
September 1991 – 2006; 2010 – Currently
Secondary School Teacher, 18 years
Owner of my business renting and repairing farmhouses | KUDAKU
1992 – 2010
Owner of my business, electrical installations, water installations, building management, costumer contact, Providers contact.
I owned a farmhouse in the countryside for 18 years and I had big trouble with water in this time because of the lack of it and finally we made a well to collect the rain water on the land, raised 50 meters in a longitude of 350 meters, put the water in a pond with a capacity of 2.500.000 litres, pomp to another tank, clean, bomb to another tank and pomp with pressure for a 700 square meter house with 45 people during the weekend. Obviously I needed to contract some companies to do the final project but I know some about how to do that.
1992 – 1995
Practical university school teacher in the topic of electronic.
Electronic Engineer |Epelsa
Teaching workers.

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Phone 0034664271579
Profile Last Updated March 24, 2014

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