Crew Member Listing: Morse, Katie

Name Morse, Katie
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 0
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

I’m an avid sailor and kayaker who prefers to spend my “off time” on the water. I’m a member of two race teams (12M – US42 & a J-24) and race 3x / week from April – October in the busy waters of NY Harbor and spend a further 2 days per week cruising or practicing for races with my crews.

I’m happiest in any position aft of the mast, but have some experience with foredeck (J-24, 12M) and I’ll happily hop up to the bow without complaint when our crews are short-handed.

I’m ASA 101 – 105 certified, and am adept at navigation and provisioning, as well as crewing.

I enjoy the camaraderie that comes from spending a lot of time with my fellow crew members — whether that time be on the water or celebrating after a win. I’m an ambivert who enjoys quiet and solitude just as much as I enjoy the company of others, am a natural peace-keeper, and somehow end up being the organizer for quite a few off-season crew events.

Fun fact: I used to be a drum and bass DJ (for fun) in my younger years, and am happy to contribute in the galley (I’m an avid home cook) as well as to the race soundtrack if my fellow crewmembers prefer sailing while listening to music.

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Phone 9198189483
Profile Last Updated December 15, 2017

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