Crew Member Listing: Kevin Michael Czajka

Name Kevin Michael Czajka
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races None
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

My name is Kevin Michael Czajka. I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up offshore, inshore, and fresh water fishing and hunting with my father nearly every free weekend. I went to Clemson University for Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Science after receiving two Associates Degrees from Greenville Technical College while in High School. In college I participated in a military special operations prep team called The Clemson Ranger Club, taught riflery and archery courses, learned to sail small FJ dinghy’s with the Clemson Sailing Club, and worked at BMW and Nucor Steel. I’ve always been obsessed with the ocean and spent many summers fishing and scuba diving in the Florida Keys. My mother was diagnosed in February 2015 with stage 4 breast cancer. I went to my first Air Force Special Operations Selection course in Florida in March of 2015 a few short weeks after my mother’s diagnosis. I did not get selected. The summer of 2015 I worked at Nucor Steel Mill after turning down an engineering position at BMW’s Munich plant in order to be close to mom. I landed the Munich offer due to my work at BMW USA during the 2014 year. At Nucor Steel I learned a lot of hydraulics, machine maintenance, welding, and torch cutting. In January of 2016 I attended my second selection course in Texas, was selected, and returned home to watch my mother die two days later. After completing school I commissioned in the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant as an Air Liaison Officer and was moved to Fort Campbell TN, and then to Medina Annex, TX for training. I was the team leader for 36 men from July 2016 to November 2016. During my time leading the men the officers learned that we would never be allowed to finish training and be qualified to call in air strikes in theater due to money and time constraints, our enlisted counterparts had priority. After learning this, combined with a new outlook on life due to watching my mother die at 48 years old, I decided to switch to an engineering job in the Air Force for a shorter contract, after being denied release from my current contract. I currently live in New Mexico and work at Kirtland Air Force base as a Developmental Research Engineer. I currently rent out my own house, and three others. My plan is to save as much money as I can, obtain a well-paying job upon my release from the Air Force in June 2020, and work until I am 30 years old. At which point I plan to retire, purchase a cruising yacht and begin to sail the world. The biggest thing that the last four to five years have taught me is that life is too short to wait to live it at 60. I would rather be somewhat poor bum around the world because you never know when your life can be stolen away from you. I would love to sail in any race, or crew on any vessel. I hope to gain experience, return in the future, and eventually with my own yacht. I do not get sea sick, I know how to fish, clean fish, cook, fix engines, wood working, brewing, general handy man work, weld, torch, and many other things. I am not afraid of heights and have a competitive driven attitude. I make all my own furniture in my home, brew my own wine, race motorcycles and cars, read, spend time with my dog, camp, hike, and explore. I know that not having experience in sailboat racing will not look favorable, but I assure you I am a quick study and do not mind long, cold, wet, watches. I hope you consider my application and contact me with more questions.

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Phone 864-607-8491
Profile Last Updated November 24, 2017

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