Crew Member Listing: Matthew Sullivan

Name Matthew Sullivan
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races more than 5
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

I had the good fortune to be the bowman on Dreamcatcher, an S&S Swan 48, for the vast majority of her races over the past 16 years. I had planned to sail to Bermuda on her again this season, but she was recently donated to a youth sailing foundation.

I was on the bow for all five of her Newport – Bermuda Races, three Marblehead – Halifax campaigns, and dozens of other distance races.
I took a regular turn as Helmsman on my watch.
While I could perform every role on the boat, in addition to my bow duties during maneuvers and sail changes, I was the ‘go to’ light air spinnaker trimmer.
I was also designated as Watch Captain for one Bermuda Race.

I understand and appreciate that as ‘the new guy’ I will have much to learn about a new boat/crew. ‘The new guy’ should listen, and do, and not speak/offer too much input until he has earned the respect of the captain and crew.

I have also served as Navigator and Tactician aboard other class-winning vessels in shorter distance races.
I am ready to Navigate my first Bermuda Race.

I will be happy to provide references from past skippers, as well as from the navigator of my past Bermuda races.

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Phone 8575230034
Profile Last Updated February 12, 2018

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