Crew Member Listing: Lee, Paul

Name Lee, Paul
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 0
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

Hello Captain
Thank you for your consideration. I am 46 yrs of age male living in New Jersey near New York City.
One of the best race to experience, it has been one of my desire to challenge myself as a crewmember in the Newport to Bermuda adventure. Although, I have never officially entered an organized Offshore Race. I have sailed extensively on many offshore passages and sometimes having friendly competitions with other vessels enrout. Always enjoyed the daily routines of a long range offshore voyage with all the associated challenges and comradery between the crew. Longest distance:single voyage sailing was from Honolulu Hawaii to Papeete Tahiti on a 65’ sloop.
Most sailing experience achieved in the East Coast USA from New England to South Florida, surrounding waters of UK, the English Channel and in the waters of France. I have no difficulies performing and being responsible during harsh and stomy weather conditions.
Race experience: competitive 12 Meter one design as a younger person.
Emergency Medical Training with experience as a Paramedic.
MCA/RYA: Yachtmaster Offshore with tidal endorsement
MCA STCW: Personal Sea Survival
MCA STCW: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
MCA STCW: Approved Engine Course
MCA STCW: Personal safety and social responsibilities
MCA STCW: On Board Medical Management
MCA: Powerboat Level 2
Advence First Aid, CPR, Openwater Scuba
You are welcome to call me with any questions. Looking forward to being a part of a crew in a friendly competitive environment and win…
p.s. If you are located within a reasonable distance, I would be glade to drive to meet you.
Thank you

Phone 201.926.5152
Profile Last Updated March 17, 2014

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