Crew Member Listing: Harper, Quinn

Name Harper, Quinn
Position(s) Crew
Off-Shore Races 0
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Category 1

I’m a 23 year old male, just finishing up a degree in mechanical engineering and looking to expand my offshore sailing and racing experience. I’ve been sailing dinghys since I was a kid, and have gotten into some J24 beer can races in the past few summers. I have some offshore sailing experience, but not much racing and nothing more than one night sailing. I’m very fit, I rowed competitively for 8 years, so yanking on handles is right in my wheelhouse, and as an engineering student, I can stay up all night too… I can cook reasonably well, and am first aid and STCW-95 certified if it helps.

Phone 310-998-7646
Profile Last Updated March 16, 2014

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