Crew Member Listing: Kodderitzsch, Severin

Name Kodderitzsch, Severin
Position(s) Cook
Off-Shore Races 0
Available for Prep? Yes
Available for Return? Yes
ISAF Classification Don't Know

10,000 nm sailing (8,000 nm ocean, 2,000 nm coastal) Atlantic, Pacific, N Indian Oceans, US East Coast RI – FL. Solid crew member, night watches, including cooking at sea. 470, Jole OK dinghy sailing. Skipper / owner of 30′ Cal 9.2 near Annapolis, MD. Some Wednesday night races, otherwise little racing experience. 57 year young enthusiastic sailor, keen to learn world of racing. Plan to take racing course with J World prior to Bermuda race.

Phone 2028537214
Profile Last Updated April 5, 2018

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