Entry System


To begin the entry process and submit an Application for Entry, start by creating a SailGate account using the button below:

Entry for CAPTAINS
and their representatives

After that, you’ll need to “add a boat,” enter the race entitled “Newport Bermuda Race – Start here with your Application for Entry,” and make payment arrangements.  This process is described in the “Getting Started with SailGate/AFE Guide” in the “Tips” box on this page.


You will receive an automated email from the SailGate system and your Captain inviting you to race and register on the Crew Management System.  Anyone who anticipates, but has not received, an invitation may pre-register at this link.


Getting Started with Sailgate/AFE Guide(.pdf)

Use the “Entry System” link in the top right corner to access this page in the future.




If you have any questions or difficulty in the entry process, please email us at entry@bermudarace.com.