January Newsletter

Greetings Sailors,

This Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) newsletter is designed to keep you abreast of developments for the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race®. This is an informal document and to the extent any information herein differs from that in formal race documents such as the Notice of Race, the formal race documents will supersede this newsletter. Your comments, suggestions and questions may be directed to any of us listed below. Information about the race may be found at the race’s official website, www.BermudaRace.com.

We look forward to seeing you all on the starting line for our 49th “Thrash to the Onion Patch” on Friday, June 20, 2014 – and many of you earlier at the CCA-Newport Bermuda race Safety Weekend at Newport on March 15-16.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Fred Deichmann
Chairman, 2014 BROC

Registration Opens Tomorrow, January 13th

Applications for Entry in the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race® may be filed beginning as soon as Monday, January 13, 2014. Please visit the race entry portal as soon as possible to get started on your entry.

AIS Operation During the Race

BROC has developed guidelines for use of AIS transponders. When issued shortly before the start, the Sailing Instructions for the 2014 race will require that a yacht’s AIS transponders be fully operational at the following times and in the following circumstances:

  1. from her start until 0800 of the following day
  2. during periods of limited visibility when requesting assistance from or rendering assistance to another vessel
  3. from the time she reports her approach to the finish line until mooring or anchoring after her finish
  4. and
  5. as required by her Captain.

Hinckley Yachts Again a Race Sponsor

BROC is very happy to welcome Hinckley Yachts as a member of the sponsor family for the 49th Newport Bermuda Race. As it has for the past several races, Hinckley Yachts will provide the on-water check-in boat and two other boats at the starting area for official observers. The Hinckley check-in boat will be stationed at the mouth of Newport Harbor. Each entry in the race is required to pass by the boat and check in.

In addition, Hinckley Yachts will be the Official Sponsor of the Captains Meeting at 1700 hours on June 19th at the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport. The Captains Meeting provides a last-minute briefing by our committee to sailors from every boat about expected weather conditions on the course, the start and finish, access to medical and other emergency assistance, and other important topics.

For more about Hinckley Yachts, click here.

Notes on a Proper Finish

The 2014 Sailing Instructions will state that the finish is at the intersection of the red and green sectors of St. David’s Lighthouse at a bearing toward the light of 276 degrees True (291 degrees Magnetic) from your yacht. Sailors are cautioned to be sure that they do cross the finish line completely, sailing from North to South and passing between the finish line buoys (which will have AIS beacons attached), and traveling well beyond it (a few boat lengths, at least), then turning to seaward . While neither buoy will necessarily be on station, the buoys’ function is to keep boats off the reef offshore from the Lighthouse, but still close enough to be observed by the Finish Line Committee. The purpose of the turn to seaward subsequent to finishing is also designed to keep boats off the reef. Failure to observe these instructions is a violation of the Sailing Instructions. Going up on the reef, or a failure to reach the finish after a 635 mile slog, is guaranteed to ruin your day.

ISAF Sailor Classifications

Each sailor in the Newport Bermuda Race® is required to have a current and accurate ISAF Sailor Classification for the duration of the race. That Classification must be on file as part of each sailor’s Crew Information Form in in the race registration system prior to the Crew Deadline of 1700, June 1, 2014.

Application for a new or renewal Sailor Classification must be made at members.sailing.org. Each sailor is responsible for making his/her own application. Begin the process as soon as possible,
exercise extreme care and be sure to receive confirmation from ISAF of the classification. Because ISAF assigns a SailorID before assigning a classification, it is easy to fail to complete the process and assume both a successful application and a possibly incorrect sailor classification. Incorrect classification will subject a sailor’s yacht to penalties in the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race®.


Offshore Racing Opportunities

Upon return from the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race®, blue water sailors who wish to extend their offshore racing season should consider the Corinthians Stonington to Boothbay Harbor Race, starting July 25, 2014 at Stonington, CT. For more information, see http://stoningtontoboothbayharbor.com/

Blue water sailors may also wish to consider the Transatlantic Race in the summer of 2015. This race is open to suitably equipped and crewed yachts of 40′ or more. For further information, see www.transatlanticrace.org.

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