March 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Sailors

This is the third in a series of newsletters from the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee
(BROC) which we hope will keep you abreast of developments as we prepare for the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race®. Please keep in mind that this is an informal document and that to the extent any information herein differs in any respect from that in formal race documents such as the Notice of Race, the formal race documents will supersede this newsletter. Your comments, suggestions and questions about these issues may be directed to any of us listed at the end of the newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you all on the starting line for our 49th “Thrash to the Onion Patch” on Friday, June 20, 2014.

Fred Deichmann, Chairman
2014 BROC

Safety at Sea

Mark your calendars – a US Sailing Sanctioned Safety at Sea Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the Newport Hyatt on Goat Island. Ralph Naranjo will be moderator of the seminar. A great roster of speakers is lined up. 30% of each crew, including the captain and either the navigator or a watch captain, will be required to have attended a seminar within five years of the June 20, 2014 start. Those who complete both Saturday’s day-long SAS Seminar plus Sunday’s Hands-On Training will be awarded the ISAF Approved Offshore Personal Survival Course Certificate.

Also on that Saturday, an ISAF Refresher Course will be offered to renew expiring ISAF Certificates and for those who have previously attended two US Sailing Sanctioned SAS Seminars since 2004.

Offerings on Sunday, March 16, 2014 include a race preparation seminar moderated by Kenyon Kellogg, a medical seminar led by Jeffrey Wisch, M.D. and Hands-On Training offered by Life Raft Survival & Equipment personnel.

There is much evidence of problems encountered on returns from Bermuda. Sailors are reminded that the return voyage involves all the same ocean voyage risks presented by the race. The timing and chosen destination of return voyages, and the crew complement, are the sole responsibility of individual skippers. In the interests of a safe return however, BROC strongly recommends that return crews have identical training and experience as that it insists on for those aboard for the race.

2014 Race Officials Named

John D. Osmond, M.D. has been appointed as Principal Race Officer for the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race. John served previously as Chairman and PRO of the 2012 Race.

Bermudian Peter Shrubb has been named Chairman of the International Jury for the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race. Serving as Jurors will be Lynne Beal (Canada), Robert Duffy (Bermuda), Henry Menin (USVI) and Patricia O’Donnell (United States).

Offshore Race Opportunities

To assure that your boat and crew are in fine form for our Newport Bermuda Race start on June 20, 2014, we suggest you consider these 2013 offshore races originating in the Northeast:
Annapolis to Newport Race (start Friday, June 7, 2013)
Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race (start Friday, June 14, 2013)
Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race (start Sunday, July 7, 2013)
And, for the summer of 2015, blue water sailors may wish to consider the Transatlantic Race. This race is open to suitably equipped and crewed yachts of 40′ or more. For further information, see

Measurement for ORR and IRC Ratings

Measurement of your yacht for a new or renewal of your ratings can be difficult to schedule and complete in the spring rush that precedes a Newport Bermuda Race. As long as you are not planning modifications to your yacht over the 2013/14 winter that will impact your rating, you can schedule your measurement this fall before hauling and beat the spring rush. Keep in mind,though, that once rated you’ll be constrained from modifications or required to start over. New sails, constructed over the winter can be measured when complete, by your sailmaker if he/she is so qualified.

Measurements will be required to be in the hands of the Offshore Office of US Sailing not later than 30 days prior to our June 20, 2014 start. Substantial penalties will apply for failure to meet this deadline, and invitations to race will be withdrawn altogether if those measurements have not been received by five days prior to the start.

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