Notice of Race Amendment no. 3

Amendment No. 3 to the Notice of Race and a revised Notice of Race incorporating that amendment  have been posted in the race website’s document area.  The amendment is designed to provide relief from the May 22nd Measurement Deadline to those few yachts which may be undergoing major modification this spring and are therefore unable to meet that deadline.  Captains are advised that any extension which may be granted is provisional, is subject to several conditions as set forth in the amendment and that the extension may be revoked for a failure to comply with those conditions.  Further, it should be noted that should revocation be necessary, the race committee shall protest the yacht.

The amendment is the result of a lengthy discussion within BROC and with US Sailing to develop an approach which will be both open and fair, and which will work for US Sailing’s Offshore Office, measurers, inspectors, competitors and BROC.   Close coordination between a yacht’s captain, designer, the Offshore Office and BROC’s technical team will be required in these instances.

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