Race Bulletin #20 – Jury-Rig Rudder, Media Gallery, Chairman’s Review

Hello Newport Bermuda Race competitors and fans:

They say every Newport Bermuda Race is different, and it is fair to say that the “51st Thrash to the Onion Patch” lived up to that billing. We had a strong fleet of 170 boats ready to go on June 15th, and of those 169 started the race and 166 finished with three retirements. The fleet endured mostly light-air sailing conditions, which made for a strategically challenging race. One boat had a serious breakdown, losing its rudder, but was able to jury-rig its steering and arrive safely in Bermuda.

Bailiwick jury-rigged rudder

After some trial and error, Bailiwick’s successful rig included a whisker pole, a bulkhead panel, screwdrivers and Dyneema lashing, and the emergency tiller serving as a pivot point. Rob Lambert photo

There were several firsts we were happy to see come to fruition during this race cycle, ranging from the inclusion of multihulls and superyachts, an increased focus on youth entries, the live streaming of the Captains’ Meeting, the Start, the Navigator’s Forum, and the Prize-Giving and all our increased social media activity, to the development of a new structure under the lighthouse for our finish-line crew. Dick Holliday, participation chairman, rolled out his long-time dream of the Gulf Stream Society, which has already recognized nearly 200 members for doing 5, 10, 15 and in several cases more than 20 races. Behind the scenes, Vice Chairman Jay Gowell developed a fresh manual of our standard operating procedures that should move us more efficiently and successfully toward 2020. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this Bulletin, we have provided links to our final press release and stories from our hard-working Media Team about the Onion Patch Series results and how Bailiwick made it to port without a rudder. We also provide links to photo galleries from which owners, crew, and others may purchase photos taken by Daniel Forster, Dan Nerney, and Nic Douglass, among others, from the beginning of the race through the prize-giving.

We would like to alert you to the post-race survey we shall be sending out approximately July 10th. We urge you to participate so we may hear your views on the conduct of the race and how we can improve it, and also to help us report on the race’s economic impact on the communities it touches. Being able to quantify the impact of the race will allow us to make a strong case to potential future sponsors in support of the race in 2020.

The race committee’s finish-line station at St. David’s Lighthouse. John Burnham photo

From a personal viewpoint, I would like to thank all the volunteers recruited by the Cruising Club of America and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for their prodigious efforts within the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee. The race could not happen without them. I would like to thank Clare Harrington and the New York Yacht Club Race Committee for managing the start of the race, and P/C Leatrice Oatley and her Royal Bermuda Yacht Club volunteers for managing the finish. In addition, the Bermuda Rescue Coordination Centre and the BROC Communications team performed an outstanding and vital role monitoring the fleet during the race…thank you. Warm thanks must also go to HM Customs for their extremely professional and effective support in both Newport and Bermuda.

I would particularly like to thank our several sponsors for their cash and in-kind contributions, which made the race a better experience while helping us keep the costs under control.

Most of all, I congratulate all of you who participated, sailing safely and as swiftly as possible to Bermuda and onward to the port of your final destination. Your collective planning and execution  create the magic of the Thrash to the Onion Patch. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Jonathan Brewin
2018 Newport Bermuda Race Chairman

Final Results & Prizes

The St. David’s Lighthouse Trophy, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Trophy, and 100-plus more awards were presented to conclude the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race. Read more.

Jim Grundy Grundoon wins William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize

Along with a daughter and two sons, Jim Grundy receives the William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize for winning St. David’s Lighthouse Class 4. Nic Douglass – AdventuresofaSailorGirl.com photo

Media Gallery 

Several galleries have been posted on bermudarace.com, as well as video. See Media Gallery page.

Jury-Rigged Rudder

A broken rudder left Bailiwick‘s crew out of the race and with an even bigger challenge, to steer the 40-foot sloop to safety in Bermuda. Photos & video included. Read more.

Onion Patch Series

Swift and Dorade won the two divisions of the Onion Patch Series, skippered by Paige Krumweide and Pam Rorke Levy, respectively. Read more.

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