Race Bulletin No. 11

Dear Sailors,

The Entry Fee of $1,250 plus $70 per person aboard is due Monday.

Here’s a list of boats that need to go to the entry system and make payment arrangements by the deadline. Fees appear under My Account > Overview.

Captains, no matter their practical experience, are not exempt from the training requirements. This is true for any race sailed under US Sailing’s SER (ocean) or World Sailing’s OSR (Cat 1). Here’s a list of Captains that have not provided proof of safety training. The CCA will host a seminar on June 15 in Newport.

All competitors must have a valid Sailor ID. We have posted preliminary Crew Lists on the Official Notice Board indicating sailors who need to address their Classification status now. We encourage all sailors to check their status. The Crew Deadline is 1700 on June 3.

As always, please do not hesitate to email entry@bermudarace.com or one of us listed at the bottom of this bulletin if you have any questions or issues completing the entry process on time.

The tasks traditionally associated with entering this race, although a burden for some, help make this race both safe and fair. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
A. J. Evans

Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

Crew List

Due 1700, June 3

A Crew List for all yachts will be published before the start, but your names won’t be in it if your crew has not registered on the entry system by the deadline.

Late crew will not be printed in the race program, and may be excluded from the regatta. Only registered crew are eligible to compete in this race.

Captains should “Invite” their crew to register on the entry system now.

Login to the entry system, click Crew (on the left), click the boat name, click Add, enter a person’s email address and name, repeat as necessary for additional crew,
click Send Invitations Not Yet Sent.

Sailors should have the following on hand when registering as crew:

  1. World Sailing Sailor ID for Sailor Classification (renew now);
  2. Personal Locator Beacon ID (if any, optional);
  3. electronic copy of First Aid training certificate; and
  4. electronic copy of Safety-at-Sea/Survival certificates.

An archive of all Race Bulletins for the 2016 race
may be found on the race website’s Official Notice Board.

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