Race Bulletin No. 14

Dear Sailors,

No reminder is necessary that the fun part of this is just one week away. 
Here are a few other reminders we have compiled based on the most frequently asked questions during the final week before the race.  We hope you find this useful as you make your final preparations for sea.
See you in Newport.
Kind regards,
A. J. Evans
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

Live Entry Status FAQ

Your Live Entry Status on SailGate will appear “incomplete”
until you complete Registration, in person, at Harbour Court.
Your Live Entry Status may indicate there is no valid rating associated with the yacht, but we are receiving data from US Sailing for all entries and will contact you if there is a problem with your measurement.

Look for Important Documents

We will be distributing important documents in tote bags at Registration and in briefcases at the Captains Meeting, courtesy of our generous sponsors.
These bags contain more than advertisements, valuable coupons, and freebies.
Please be sure to review all of the information contained in these bags and envelopes before leaving anything in Newport, as it may be necessary in Bermuda at Check In.

Crew List Updated

An updated Crew List is available on the race website’s Official Notice Board.
Any updates since June 3, 2016 will not appear in the Race Program.
Yachts may be protested with respect to their crew’s classification status.  
The protest time limit for Classification Protests by yachts is 1700 today,
but the jury may consider extensions under certain circumstances.
The Race Committee’s and Jury’s protest time limit is later.

Double Handed Division Announcement

The Double Handed Division will be scored using
“Shorthanded” or “Double Handed” ORR Certificates.

Upcoming Deadlines

Registration – complete by 1600, Wednesday, June 15
See NoR 14.1 and hours below.
Special Entry Prizes – June 16, 2016
LAST Chance Safety at Sea Seminar – June 15, 2016
(as of 05/23/16)


New York Yacht Club Harbour Court
5 Halidon Avenue, Newport, RI
Sunday – 1200-1600
Monday – 0900-1700
Tuesday – 0900-1700
Wednesday – 0900-1600
Thursday – Closed
If you recently corrected deficiencies in your inspection, first aid, CPR, safety at sea, or other requirements, please remember to bring supporting documentation with you.  This may include:
  • copies of First Aid or CPR cards/certificates;
  • Safety at Sea training certificates; and/or
  • proof of payment/registration for the June 15 safety at sea seminar

Bermuda Customs in Newport

Located at Harbour Court
Tuesday – 0830-1630
Wednesday – 0830-1630
Thursday – 1000-2000
All sailors are urged to pre-clear Bermuda’s customs/immigration at Harbour Court to avoid delays doing so in Bermuda.  Please also plan to visit the Customs officers on Tuesday or Wednesday as Thursday will be VERY busy with late arrivals.

U.S. Customs in Newport

Located at Harbour Court
Wednesday – 0830-1630
Thursday – 1000-NOON
One U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer will be available at Harbour Court to answer questions and conduct interviews for the Small Vessel Reporting program on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please read this document for more information, and note that to take advantage of this program, all persons on board for the return voyage need to be registered and interviewed.

Captains Meeting

Jane Pickens Theater
49 Touro Street, Newport
1700 (5 p.m.) Thursday, June 16
Tickets Required
(two distributed to each Captain at Registration)
Handouts from the Captains Meeting are being posted on the Official Notice Board as they become available.

Sailing Instructions and Scratch Sheets

Sailing Instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board online early next week and distributed at the Captains Meeting along with Scratch Sheets and the order of starts.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for prompt notice of their release.

Shipping Container Loading

Newport Yachting Center
Wednesday – 0900-1700
Thursday – 0800-1600
Advance reservations were required and are now closed.
Return shipping is available.  See the Newport Logistics page for more info.

Gosling’s Rum Crew Party

at the Newport Shipyard
1800 (6 p.m.) Wednesday, June 15

Gear, T-shirts, Souvenirs, etc.

Visit Helly Hansen Newport at
their store on (Upper) Thames Street,
their booth outside Registration at Harbour Court,
the Gosling’s Rum Crew Party at Newport Shipyard,
the Helly Hansen Trailer at the Newport Shipyard (all week), or

Spectating, Commentary, Tracking

Visit the Spectator Resources page for information on the Live Stream video of the start, Pantaenius Insurance’s race tracking, commentary on 105.9 FM, and Andy Green’s video updates, which will be available four times per day during the race, Saturday through Wednesday.

Post Race Activities at RBYC

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