Race Bulletin No. 7

Dear Sailors,

As of Friday afternoon, February 19, we had received Applications for Entry from over 182 yachts, and invited 143 of those to enter. If you have not yet applied, the deadline to submit an application is 1700, April 1, 2016.

This Race Bulletin contains important news and instructions, including:

  • Youth Prize and Society established
  • Sailor Classification reminder for all competitors
  • Shipping gear to Bermuda and your boat back to Newport
  • RBYC Berthing reservations

I’m pleased to announce that two experienced and exceptionally organized offshore sailors, Jonathan Brewin and James Phyfe, have accepted appointments as Vice Chairs of the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee. I couldn’t be happier to have their support!

Amendment No. 3 to the Notice of Race has been posted on the Official Notice Board. This includes a small change to the lower speed limit of the Open Division for yachts rated with movable ballast.

We hope to see you at the Safety-at-Sea Seminar in Newport on March 19-20.

Kind regards,
A. J. Evans
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

Youth Prize and Society

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is pleased to announce two new efforts to recognize the younger members of the fleet, as has been done in the Marion Bermuda and other races.

The Stephens Brothers Society

All competitors between the ages of 14 and 23 years as of June 17, 2016 will be inducted into the Stephens Brothers Society. Olin and Rod Stephens famously raced their family’s yacht, Dorade, which Olin designed, to Bermuda when they were 22 and 21 years old, and continued racing offshore in this race and others for many years. In their lives, the boats they designed and sailed, and their writings, Olin and Rod Stephens have inspired or helped countless sailors to realize the rewards of offshore sailing. Their legacy continues.

Inductees will receive a small keepsake after the race, and we hope that they, like the Stephens brothers, will help encourage sailors of all ages to venture offshore.

Youth Trophy

The BROC will present a new trophy to the yacht with the best performance in the St. David’s Lighthouse and Cruiser divisions (combined) that satisfies the following terms:

  • At least 50% of the yacht’s crew + 1 person shall be between the ages of 14 and 23 years, inclusive on June 17, 2016 (the yacht’s “Youth Crew”).
  • The average age of the Youth Crew shall be at least 17 years.
  • All yachts applying to enter this competition shall be subject to review by the Qualifications Committee and may be required to submit records of the crew’s sailing experience.
  • Winner(s) will be determined in the manner used for other Cross-Divisional prizes, i.e., based on the yacht’s corrected place rank within her division. For example, a yacht whose corrected time is ranked 10th place in a 50 yacht division, will have a 0.2 score (10 / 50 = 0.2).
  • In addition to the standard safety training requirements established for all competing yachts, 100% of the Youth Crew (14-23 years old) must have completed either a safety at sea seminar satisfying NBRSR 5.2 or a Storm Trysail Foundation Junior Safety at Sea Seminar within five years of June 17, 2016. Youth Crew may count toward the yacht’s obligations under both the NBRSR and this trophy.
  • Yachts eligible for this competition will receive a 50% discount on the yacht’s entry fee ($1,250). The crew fee will remain as stated in the NoR.

Upcoming Deadlines

1700, April 1 – Deadline to complete Application for Entry on SailGate.
1700, May 3 – Deadline to request ORR or ISYR measurement (see NoR).

Every Competitor Must Have a Sailor Classification

One part of the entry process is that Captains must invite their crew to register on the entry system and provide their Sailor Classification ID and Group. This is necessary for determining each yacht’s eligibility for the divisions. You should obtain or renew your Sailor Classification now using this link.

The BROC will attempt to verify the information supplied by Captains and crew, but we do not participate in the actual classification of sailors. If you have any questions about the crew registration process on the race’s entry system, please email us at: entry@bermudarace.com.

Questions or comments about the sailor classification process, however, should be directed to World Sailing/ISAF.

We encourage all competitors to review NoR section 8 and the applicable penalties.

Check your expiration dates now!

Here are just a few of the things that might expire before you get home:

  • Passports
  • Sailor Classification
  • Survival/Safety at Sea status
  • First Aid/CPR cards
  • Liferafts
  • M.O.M. inspection
  • EPIRBs
  • radio licenses
  • credit cards
  • visas

Upcoming Safety at Sea Seminars

Newport – March 19-20 – CCA

SUNY Maritime – April 16 – Storm Trysail Foundation

Shipping Gear to Bermuda

A commercial shipping company has been contracted to assist captains and crews wishing to send gear, sails, etc. to Bermuda. Visit the Newport Logistics page on the race website for more information.

SHIP Your Yacht Back to Newport After the Race

A limited amount of space is available for shipping your yacht from Bermuda back to Newport aboard a lift-on/lift-off ship. A minimum number of bookings are required to schedule the ship’s call at Bermuda.

For more information, contact Ann Souder at ann@yacht-transport.com as soon as possible.

Berthing Reservations

Berthing Reservations can now be made at RBYC using this form.

Race Bulletin Archives

An archive of all Race Bulletins for the 2016 race
may be found on the race website’s Official Notice Board.

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