Bermuda Border Control

Participants in the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race can make their lives and those of Bermuda Department of Border Control officials easier by reading and following the following customs and immigration instructions:

Before Departing Newport – Pre-clear into Bermuda

Bermuda Department of Border Control officers will be posted at Race Headquarters in Newport (follow link for Race HQ hours and location) to provide pre-clearance services.  Pre-clearing will help avoid long waits to clear in at RBYC and put you closer to that first post-race Dark ’n Stormy. The Border Control officers will process and return all forms, which are then expected to be collected by captains and turned in to Border Control for the crew at RBYC check-in upon arrival in Bermuda.


Captains and Crew:  

Each individual crew member must apply in person with:

  • Passport (and return flight confirmation if applicable – see below)
    • All US, Canadian, UK and Western Europe passports must be machine readable and all passports must be valid for at least 45 days after the traveler’s expected date of departure from Bermuda.
    • Married persons travelling using their married name but whose identification is in their birth name must also present their marriage certificate or a certified copy thereof.
    • Landed immigrants in the USA or Canada must also present their landed Immigration Status card (the “green card” in the US).
    • All travelers who require a multi re-entry visa (MRV) for the US, UK or Canada must also present this visa as well, and that visa must be valid for at least 45 days after the traveler’s expected date of departure from Bermuda. 
  • Completed Immigration Passenger Form (Form available in Newport)
  • Completed Customs Traveller Declaration Form (Form available in Newport;  single form may be presented for immediate family members sharing a common household).  


Each must also provide everything required of crew (above) and also:

  • Bermuda Customs Clearance – Vessel (Form available in Newport; captains should note that this form requires crew member’s names, birth dates, and passport numbers)
  • Additional Crew and Passenger List – Private Yachts   (Form available in Newport)
  • Vessel Documentation (e.g. US Documentation Certificate, state Registration Certificate or similar vessel documentation for foreign-flagged vessels)

Additional Documents you will need:

Racing crew returning by air:  If you’re racing to Bermuda but flying home, you’ll need to present your return ticket, boarding pass or airline confirmation to Bermuda Department of Border Control during your in-person pre-clearance interview at Harbour Court or, if not pre-cleared, at your in-person interview at RBYC.

Return crew arriving by air:  In order to clear Border Control at Bermuda’s airport, you’ll need a letter from your captain confirming you’re a part of the boat’s return trip crew and an anticipated departure date.  You’ll also need your passport and completed Bermuda Immigration Passenger and Customs Traveller Declaration forms (they are supplied by your airline, in flight).

Racing crew returning on a different boat:  In these circumstances you’ll also need a letter from your return boat captain confirming you’re a part of the boat’s return trip crew and an anticipated departure date.



Upon Arrival in Bermuda

When you arrive in Bermuda, captains will need to bring all customs paperwork for the vessel and pre-cleared crew to the duty desk when they check in. Crew not pre-cleared will need to accompany the captain with their paperwork. See the Bermuda Logistics page for more information about the check in process.

Clearance from Bermuda before sailing home:

Captains must clear out with the Bermuda officials at RBYC if departing before June 24th. If departing after 1400 ADT June 24th, captains must clear out with Bermuda officials at the Yacht Reporting Center in St. Georges.

All captains must present their

  • Bermuda Customs Clearance
  • Additional Crew and Passenger List – Private Yachts
  • Immigration Passenger Form and Passport for crew joining in Bermuda for the return trip

H.M. Customs will require confirmation of accommodations if crew are arriving early or staying beyond the departure of the yacht.


Fly In, Sail Out

Visitors entering Bermuda are normally expected to have a return ticket. However, those who wish to fly into Bermuda and depart by yacht should follow this procedure. The Captain of the yacht should give a letter to each crewmember who will be arriving in Bermuda by air on one-way ticket and leaving on the vessel. The letter should include the full name, date of birth, address and nationality of the crewmember, as well as the name of the vessel he or she will be joining. The Landing Permit fee of $23 must be paid on arrival to an Immigration Officer in either U.S. or Bermuda dollars. Cheques should be made payable to the Accountant General.