Customs and Immigration

Departing the US for Bermuda

Bermuda Customs officials will be NYYC Sailing Center during registration for preclearance.

Proof of Citizenship and Identification

All travelers must carry with them proof of citizenship and personal identification (including government issued photo ID) relevant to a return to their own country or for re-entry through another foreign country, as required by Bermuda Immigration authorities. This applies to adults and children traveling alone or with their parents.

Visitors from the United States of America must present a valid, machine-readable U.S. passport.

Visitors from Canada must present a valid, machine-readable Canadian Passport. Citizens born outside of Canada who are landed immigrants in Canada must be in possession of a valid, machine-readable passport in addition to their landed Immigrations Status card. .

Visitors from the U.K. and Western Europe must present a valid, machine-readable passport from their country.

Whatever the visitor’s country of origin, three (3) or four (4) things should be stressed:

  • Driver’s licenses are not acceptable as proof of citizenship.
  • Foreign citizens not bearing one of the listed documents may be refused entry into Bermuda.
  • Specific requirements can be obtained from your own Immigration Department.
  • Neither Bermuda nor U.S. Immigration Authorities accept a notarised copy of birth certificate, or similar non-governmental document as proof of citizenship.
  • Married women whose identification documents are in their maiden name, but who are traveling under their married name, should also carry their marriage certificate, or a certified copy, as further proof of identify.

Visas and length of stay

  • All bona fide visitors are allowed to remain in Bermuda for an initial period determined by the admitting Immigration Officer. An application to extend the length of stay for a yachtsman must be made in person, Monday through Friday from 9am to noon, at Immigration Headquarters in Hamilton, Tel: (441) 295-5151.
  • Visas to enter Bermuda may be obtained from the Visa Section of a British Embassy, British High Commission, British Consulate or other British Foreign Service establishment abroad. For more information please visit,

Arrival in Bermuda

Upon arrival, yachts are to fly their their Quarantine Flag and proceed to Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (not the Yacht Reporting Center in St. Georges) to clear in.  This is required even if yachts have pre-cleared and had their passports stamps prior to departing Newport.  H.M. Customs Officers will be stationed in the Trophy Lounge from Monday, June 23 through Sunday June 29th.

The following documents will be required:

Form or Document(s) Required Completed and signed

(Forms will be available in Newport prior to departure.)
  • Bermuda Customs Clearance-vessel, one double sided form per boat (completed in triplicate)
  • Declaration of Health (one double-sided form per boat)
  • Customs Traveler Declaration (White w/ blue lettering)
  • Bermuda Department of Immigration Passenger Arrival Form (Pink) – page 2 stamped by Immigration
  • A valid airline ticket for all crew flying out of Bermuda or evidence that such a ticket is waiting at Bermuda. E-tickets are acceptable BUT documentary proof of ticket MUST be shown, i.e. printout showing Locator ID and confirmation of flight itinerary.

If any crew member has a contagious disease, the quarantine flag must remain hoisted and all crew members must remain aboard until a Medical Officer clears the yacht.

For those not using pre-clearance of Immigrations in Newport, they will also have to present all crew members’ Immigrations Passenger Arrival forms and valid passports to the Customs Officers at the RBYC.

There are no Port charges as the customary passenger tax has been waived for the event. Documentation requirements are as for pre-clearance set out above.

Customs Clearance for Yachts Berthed at RHADC

All yachts in the Race MUST clear Immigrations in Newport or at the RBYC and must submit documents to H.M. Customs at the RBYC on arrival. For yachts berthed at the RHADC, please contact the RHADC Duty Desk for transport to RBYC for Customs Clearance. Once they have cleared Customs at the RBYC, please contact the RBYC Duty Desk for transport back to RHADC.

Fly In, Sail Out

Visitors entering Bermuda are normally expected to have a return ticket. However, those who wish to fly into Bermuda and depart by yacht should follow this procedure. The Captain of the yacht should give a letter to each crewmember who will be arriving in Bermuda by air on one-way ticket and leaving on the vessel. The letter should include the full name, date of birth, address and nationality of the crewmember, as well as the name of the vessel he or she will be joining. The Landing Permit fee of $23 must be paid on arrival to an Immigration Officer in either U.S. or Bermuda dollars. Cheques should be made payable to the Accountant General.

H.M. Customs will require confirmation of accommodations if crew are arriving early or staying beyond the departure of the yacht.

If your crewmember needs to depart Bermuda immediately to catch a flight, please see the Duty Desk to arrange priority in the Customs’ line. We appreciate all those waiting in line’s support of this situation

Other Documents
Required at Finish

  • Skippers are reminded that the Certificate of Compliance must be handed in to the Duty Officers’ Desk at the RBYC after clearing Customs. Each Certificate must be handed in within 18 hours of finishing the Race.
  • The Tourism Survey MUST also be submitted.
  • Each yacht must also submit a copy of the Onboard Training Certificate signed by all participating crew, unless the certificate was submitted prior to the Race in Newport. Yachts will not be scored without submissions of the document.
  • Return Position Transponder.