Race Related Vendors

Bermuda Race offers this area as a service to its competitors.  Vendors listed here have not been approved or endorsed in any way.

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Name Location Description
Gulfstream Routing Services Newport Providing Newport to Bermuda Race clients expert real-time weather and ocean forecasts and products since 1980.
Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream Both detailed ocean and weather forecasting for the race and ocean charts available prior to the race plus free weather consults prior to race.
Satellite Phone Sales and Rentals Both OCENS has been supplying satellite phones and data services to Newport Bermuda racers for over a decade. We know what it takes to get reliable communications onboard. We can supply...
Jordan Series Drogue Both Chesapeake Offshore Sailing Services is your one stop shop for offshore racing support. We are an authorized supplier of the Genuine Jordan Series Drogue. Best drogue, strongest materials, and the...
Licensed delivery captains and crew available Both Captains and crew available for out or back home. Tens of thousands of sailing miles offshore all over the world. Our skippers and crew have done almost most every distance...

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