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The Start

Bermuda Race Start Credit: Rousmaniere

Bermuda Race Start
Credit: Rousmaniere

The start of the Newport Bermuda Race is a spectacular sight from shore and also the water, with more than 150 boats maneuvering and starting off Castle Hill in ten classes. The first gun will probably be at 2:50 p.m., and the last start at 5:30.

Because the race start is so close to land, many spectators gather at shoreside public areas such as Brenton Point and Beaver Tail (near Jamestown).  Nearest to the start is the famous Castle Hill Inn with its sloping waterfront lawn.  (Note the Inn charges for parking and asks that you not bring food or drink.)

Charter boats offering day trips are numerous at Newport. Contact them for more details.

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The Starting area is closely patrolled by Coast Guard and Race Officials Credit: Rousmaniere

Spectator boats are permitted to watch the Bermuda Race start, which will be guarded by limit buoys and tightly patrolled by official Race Committee boats and the US Coast Guard. The water will be crowded and rough, so small boats such as kayaks, stand up paddleboards and canoes are strongly discouraged.