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Endurance Exploration Group

Name Endurance Exploration Group
Website http://eexpl.com

Endurance Exploration is proud to be an official sponsor of the Newport Bermuda Race. We share a kindred feeling with all Bermuda racers, seeking adventure and reward at sea!

Endurance Exploration was formed in 2009 to explore the feasibility and potential return of recovering gold, silver and artifacts from historic shipwrecks.

This is an 1834 $5 gold piece we recovered from the Pulaski.

We are well on the way, having located the 1860 wreck of the 370 ft. Connaught (“The Titanic of her time”) 100 miles off Massachusetts. We have also found the 1838 wreck of the SS Pulaski 30 miles off North Carolina. In both cases we have been granted salvage rights in US Federal Court. We commenced salvage of the Pulaski in late 2017 (see ABC World News coverage) and have recovered a number of vintage gold and silver coins, some worth several thousands of times face value. 2018 work is commencing.

The Adventure of a Lifetime
As a 2018 Newport Bermuda Race Prize, we are providing a trip for two out to our historic Pulaski shipwreck salvage site, where we have recovered a number of vintage gold and silver coins plus a collection of historic artifacts. The names of all the individual First-in-Class winners will be placed in a bowl and a single prize winner drawn. That winner name will be announced at Prizegiving on June 23.

Endurance Exploration follows an exhaustive, disciplined research strategy utilizing the following criteria in establishing its “Target List” which now numbers 25 high value names.
• A known cargo of value
• Known navigational data
• Legal salvage and clear path to title
• Potential returns exceed risk-adjusted cost

We believe that this survey and recovery capability, combined with our proprietary research, will allow us to conduct approximately two deep-water surveys per yearly weather window, should we have sufficient capital to undertake such operational surveys.

Endurance Exploration is excited to be a Sponsor of the Newport Bermuda Race. We look forward to a long-term shared-interest relationship of adventure and reward upon (and below) the world’s oceans.

Visit us on our website and our Facebook photo album:

Endurance Exploration, LLC is a publicly-traded company on the OTC market, symbol EXPL.

Bob Darbee, long time BROC member and Bermuda Race Awards Chair, serves as an Advisor to our company. For additional information on Endurance Exploration contact him:

Robert S (Bob) Darbee
Omni Capital Corporation
New York, NY

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