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Satellite communications and weather information for the race & the world.

WeatherNet weather-on-demand:

Over the years OCENS has become the premier source for weather and ocean data among the racing community. Hi-Resolution sea-surface temperature data, ocean currents, wind, wave, Gulf Stream data, Bermuda weather service charts, and more are all available from one easy to use source – OCENS WeatherNet. 
Satellite Phone Rentals:
OCENS makes renting a satellite phone for the Newport – Bermuda Ocean Race easy. We also have the expertise and value add services to help you get the most out of your phone rental should you want to use this for email and / or weather downloads.
We have experienced the rush which is the last minute preparation of your vessel communications for the race ahead and know what it takes to get you going. Whether its ordering some last minute equipment, a phone call into our support staff or an appointment with one of our field personnel on your vessel in Newport the week prior to the race – OCENS is here to help you.
Schedule a Race Check-out in Newport – for those of you participating in the Newport -Bermuda Race. Contact OCENS to discuss your vessel’s configuration and how we can assist you with your onboard voice, weather, and email communications.

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