Stephens Brothers Society, Class of 2018: All Youth Crew Eligible

Youth sailors, age 14-23, who complete the Newport Bermuda Race are eligible to receive a Stephens Brothers Society pin.

The Society was created in 2016 by the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) to recognize accomplishments in “Youth Sailing” by NBR participants aged 14-23 inclusive as of the start of a race. In 2018, specifically, sailors must be at least age 14, not yet 24, as of June 15.

The name commemorates the accomplishments of Rod and Olin Stephens, who won their Newport Bermuda class and the trans-Atlantic Race in Dorade, both before they were 24.

Sailors 14-23 are eligible for the Society and may receive via their skipper a Stephens Brothers Society pin, pictured above. Each skipper successfully completing the race may nominate members of his crew by listing their names, ages on the form included in his Skipper Bag, presenting it at the RBYC desk when checking in or subsequently while in Bermuda. He will receive the appropriate number of Society pins at that time.

The Stephens Brothers Society is open to all sailors in the race meeting the age criteria and aboard vessels crossing the Finish Line. The Society designation is not to be confused with the Stephens Brothers Youth Division Prize, also requiring Special Entry, for vessels (not individuals) in which at least 50% +1 (rounded down) of the crew are 14-23. See separate details regarding that prize.

Skippers should complete and deliver the form to the RBYC Duty Desk at check-in or while in Bermuda to receive Society pins at that time for Youth members of their crew. (Additional forms available at Bermuda check-in. There are no e-submissions.)

It is imperative that complete and accurate information for each Youth Sailor be included on the form. Complete information – age(s) especially – are required to obtain Stephens society pins.

Robert S Darbee, Awards Chair
2018 Newport Bermuda Race

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