2020 Bulletin #3 – Bermuda Race Video & Inspection Options

March 29, 2019

An update to prospective 2020 competitors from the race chairman:

If you’re considering the 2020 Newport Bermuda Race, I have a few key messages and updates for you. I’ll keep it brief, as I know most of you, like me, are also preparing for spring sailing.

Our Notice of Race is almost complete, and in keeping with our goal to make it easier to do this race, we’re announcing that skippers sailing the same boat as in 2018 have the option of not being inspected. Your preparation is the same, and you will likely have to pass inspection on arrival in Bermuda. Many captains like to have the “second set of eyes” provided by our inspection team, and if you’d like one of our team to come consult, we will be happy to do that. But if you completed the 2018 race in the same boat and would prefer to skip the pre-race inspection, you can.

The CCA Safety-at-Sea program has expanded to keep up with demand. During the January and March courses this year, instead of 30 percent of the crew required to earn the Hands-On certificate, the whole crew has shown up in several instances! Extra sessions have been scheduled beginning this July, but please sign up earlyRemember that every skipper must have taken a safety at sea course with hands on training, valid for the three Newport Bermuda Races that occur after the date that the certificate was issued. So, if you have not been in a pool with full foul weather gear and tried climbing into a liferaft lately, you need to take the course!

Changes are coming, both with a new website at bermudarace.com and a simpler entry process and fee system. Stand by for a further announcement later this spring.

Our new Competitor’s Guide is on the website as a hub for those looking for more specific information, including new videos each month highlighting different aspects of the race. 

We’re spreading the word about the Bermuda Race. If you have friends and crew who don’t know the whole story, please share our new video, “Introduction to the Bermuda Race.”

We’ve also begun a program of 15 to 20 Newport Bermuda Night presentations at East Coast yacht clubs, in Canada and on the Great Lakes. If your club would like to host an event, write participation@bermudarace.com 

For 2020, we have a special arrangement with Seahorse magazine, which covers offshore racing internationally. Along with promotional space in its August issue, Seahorse is offering you a favorable subscription rate, renewals included.

To keep costs down while raising the race’s profile, we are renewing some existing sponsors and recruiting new companies to help support the race. Sponsorship is a great way for companies whose products and businesses align with the race’s focus and intent to raise their profiles among competitors and fans. If your company or one you know might like to get involved, contact us at sponsorship@bermudarace.com 

Fair winds!

Jay Gowell
2020 Newport Bermuda Race

Photo © NYYC/ Dan Nerney Collection

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