July 2, 2022

At the request of the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee, US Sailing has appointed a six-member panel to study and report on the loss of Colin Golder.

June 27, 2022

Alchemist is racing both ways, 4-handed down to Bermuda and 2-handed back to Newport

June 27, 2022

More than 100 prizes were awarded at a ceremony at Bermuda’s Government House on Saturday evening

June 27, 2022

Mark your calendars for the third Thursday in June, 2024. Mark Lenci has been named chairman

June 24, 2022

A message to competitors related to the Prize-Giving, corrections in the scoring, and new YouTube videos

June 23, 2022

A message to competitors on clearing Bermuda Customs and options for duty-free fuel purchase

Race Program 2022

This weekend is the @SafeHarborMarinas Race Weekend in Newport. Class 12 Winner Andrew Weiss will be there. Here is a throwback to his interview with Dave Reed after completing this year's #BermudaRace. To watch head to our YouTube Channel via the link in our bio. ...

BLACK WATCH was THE race boat to beat when she was built (specifically for the Newport Bermuda Race by Sparkman & Stephens in 1938) and she just keeps going. She finished 6th in the very competitive Class 15 (1st through 8th all corrected within 2 hours) and continues to Race all summer in the Classic Yacht circuit this summer. Last week, she raced in Maine and will now be heading to Nantucket and back to Newport for more @ClassicYachtOA regattas.

Will Starkey captured this image of them in the Gulf Stream this year.

#BlackWatch #ClassicYacht #BermudaRace

How's it looking into your next week? Ready to go back offshore again?

Picture from @cgaoffshoresailing WINGS

#BermudaRace #USCGA #CGAOffshore

Sail repair at sea was definitely a skill set that was honored and honed in this last edition! Pictured is PAX's onboard spinnaker repair from Chris Krayer.

#BermudaRace #LifeintheGulfStream #sailors

Good luck to @11thHourTeam who have wrapped their time West and are now headed back to France to prepare for @TheOceanRace starting January 2023. The next time they will be back in Newport is May of next year for the Stopover. We are so glad the Bermuda Race gets to be part of their story and journey.

Follow their Transatlantic journey at @11thHourTeam

Photo: Daniel Forster

#BermudaRace #TheOceanHour

Cheers, it's Friday!

Photo: White Rhino finishing the #BermudaRace this year by Chris Burville

"Sailing is one of those things, when you know what you’re doing, the confidence is high, and when the confidence is high, your enjoyment goes through the roof. And then you can be offshore and go, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen clouds like that.’ It’s so gorgeous out there, no matter the weather.” - Peter Becker, skipper of Young American, J/105

Becker sailed both the Bermuda Race and the Bermuda Short-Handed Return (BSHR) doublehanded with 18-year-old Adrien Blanc. Becker and Blanc sailed south doublehanded—finishing 2nd in Class 6—and then did the return race, finishing fourth in Class 2.

Becker was also behind the idea of the BSHR. “With doublehanded sailing, it’s the same kind of ethos. All these sailors who came back took care of themselves. Doublehanding, you’re short so you have to be serious, but you’ve got a co-skipper to fall back on. I think we achieved that, and everybody was enthusiastic. From what I hear the next edition, two years from now, there will be even more. People are excited.”

Would you do the race or return doublehanded?!

Photo: Chris Burville

Happy Friday! May you find your pot of gold out there this weekend.

Photo: Peter Torosian onboard Pinnacle

In case you are still scrolling through those photos from Newport-Bermuda 2022, you can still share them with us so we can share with the world: (link in bio).

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