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Skippers or Owners may enter the 2024 Newport Bermuda Race starting at 1300 June 16, 2023.

The entry process is executed on SailGate and is accessible at the links in the red box. At any time before or after the entry opening date, you may create or update your account on SailGate and add or update your vessel information. Doing so will speed your process when entry is available.

If you entered the 2016, 2018, 2020 or 2022 race, you already have an account on SailGate and you are advised to sign in to SailGate using those credentials. The username is a valid email address, and you may request to reset a forgotten password.

If you have not previously used SailGate, for the Newport Bermuda Race, you will need to create an account a Skipper account.

If you are a crewmember expecting to be invited to race, you will receive an email invitation from SailGate initiated by the Entrant (Skipper / Owner) after they have created the crew list for their entry on SailGate. If you wish to update or create your account in advance of receiving an invitation, you may do so via the Crew SailGate link in the red box. Only by responding to an invitation from SailGate will you be joined as crew on the entrant yacht.


The entry system for the 2024 Newport Bermuda Race.


This guide is intended to help summarize the Entry rules defined in the Notice of Race, which governs.

Click on each row for more detail: 

1. Begin your entry in the registration system (Sail Gate)

Entry for the 2024 Newport Bermuda Race will open at 1300 EDT on June 16, 2023. Skippers/Owners may initiate their entry on [Sailgate]. Entry may not be initiated after April 7, 2024. The fee structure is very similar to that of the 2022 race. The entry fee is based on LOA (ORR), division entered, and date on which entry is initiated. A deposit of 50% of the entry fee is due within 10 days of initiating entry. Early entrants are rewarded with lower fees than later entries. Please see the fee schedule table and fee details in the NOR.   

If you have used SailGate to enter a previous Newport Bermuda Race, sign into SailGate using the same username (email address) you used previously. Critical information about you and your boat is retained in SailGate to be updated and used for your new entry. Account details including credits, if any, will be associated with your previously existing account. Use the ‘Forgot Password’ function to reset a forgotten password associated with your account. 

2. Offshore Experience

All entrants regardless of past NBR experience must complete the ‘Offshore Experience Form’ on Sailgate.  Based on the past experience of the Captain and Navigator entered in the ‘Offshore Experience Form’ you may be directed to complete an extended response form to provide more details.  The experience information provided will be reviewed by the Qualifications Committee.  After review, entrants will receive an Invitation to Complete Entry, or a request for more information. 

3. Complete your Entry

Data collected here, including crew lists, boat particulars, and other information, will be retained to streamline entries to future Bermuda Races. Except as noted below, all forms must be completed and filed by the entrant and all crew, and the balance of your entry fees paid and your Captain’s Waiver filed not later than April 7, 2024. You may enter and re-enter the registration system multiple times using your username (email address) and password to complete your entry. A ‘Live Entry Status’ view is available on Sailgate to indicate completed and open items.

4. Arrange for pre-race inspection

Captains are responsible for arranging an appointment with an Inspector (available from the Official Notice Board) at a mutually convenient time for their pre-race inspection. Captains are also responsible for preparation of their yacht and its equipment in advance of the agreed inspection time so as to make most efficient use of their Inspector’s time. Inspection must be completed not later than June 7, 2022. (NOR 6.2 a). A self inspection option is available to some entrants, please read NOR 6.2 b.

5. Arrange berth in Bermuda

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club requires yachts to pre-register for dock space by submitting a form (pdf).  Space is limited and captains are encouraged to sign up early.

6. Attend an approved Safety at Sea Course

Note that at least 30% of a yacht’s crew (including the Captain, and the Navigator or a Watch Captain) must hold a valid World Sailing approved Offshore Personal Survival Course Certificate.  US Sailing schedules courses meeting this requirement at many locations around the country, however some courses do not satisfy Newport Bermuda Race Requirements.

7. Arrange for measurement for your ORR Rating

Yacht measurement and certificate processing arrangements must be initiated by April 13, 2024 and measurement data for your rating must be in the hands of US Sailing’s Offshore Office no later than May 31, 2024, except that sail certificates may be submitted not later than June 7, 2024. Captains are responsible for arranging measurement of their yacht by a US Sailing approved measurer at a mutually convenient time and place. (The US Sailing Offshore office can also help with many rating questions.) Note that measurement may begin as early as the Fall 2023 if major alterations or repairs to your yacht before the start are not expected.

8. File Crew Information and Waiver

Your entire crew must be invited using the Crew Management features on SailGate, and they must accept their invitations and complete their individual registration and waivers not later than June 7, 2024 using the SailGate system.

9. Make sure each crew member has applied for and received a World Sailing Classification

Most divisions limit the number of non-Group 1 sailors (non- amateurs) on the crew.  To be considered a Group 1 sailor, competitors must have a Sailor Categorization of Group 1 issued by World Sailing that is valid for the duration of the race.  For more about the Sailor Categorization Code and instructions for applying for a World Sailor ID and a Sailor Categorization, visit World Sailing’s website.  Sailors seeking a Group 1 Categorization are encouraged to apply early. 

10. Sign up for Special Entry Trophies
There are five special trophies for which you may wish to compete. Each year some skippers qualify but fail to register for the Special Entry trophies and subsequently miss out on some terrific prizes they might have won. Don’t let this be you!

11. Register at Race Headquarters and attend the Captains’ Meeting

Race headquarters will open at the Sail Newport on Sunday, June 16, 2024. Each entrant is required to register in person at race headquarters before 1600 June 19, 2024. All crew must visit race headquarters to be processed in advance by Bermuda Border Control. COVID Protocols

The Captains’ Meeting will be at 1700, Thursday, June 20, 2024, at the Jane Pickens Theater, 49 Touro St, Newport, RI 02840. Please note: Admission by ticket only and strictly only two representatives from each boat. Tickets are given out at Registration. Online streaming details TBD.

12. Join us at the Start, Friday June 21, 2024

First gun is scheduled at 1300. We’ll see you there.

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