Stephens Brothers Youth Prize
2016 Winners of the Inaugural Stephens Brothers Youth Prize, the crew of High Noon with His Excellency, The Governor of Bermuda, George Fergusson Photo Credit: Barry Pickthall/PPL

The Newport Bermuda Race is well known as a long-distance ocean adventure with a special appeal for ambitious young sailors. Many of today’s skippers, navigators, and watch captains first went to sea as teenage deck hands in a “Thrash to the Onion Patch,” or on a return delivery from Bermuda. Perhaps the most illustrious young pair of such sailors were Rod and Olin Stephens who, with their breakthrough yacht Dorade, won several prominent events by age 23.

Today those Bermuda Race veterans — and the race itself — are helping young men and women prepare for and sail ocean races. To encourage further development the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee initiated the Stephens Brothers Youth Division and awards. Trophy qualifying conditions are below and require this Special Entry for vessels sailing in either St. David’s Lighthouse or Finisterre Divisions, scored Cross-Divisionally (‘X-DV”).

Additionally, each Youth sailor successfully completing the Race will receive an insignia pin as a member of the NBR Stephens Brothers Society for their accomplishment.

Yachts racing to Bermuda may qualify for the Stephens Brothers Youth Division by meeting the following criteria; completing and submitting the form below form no later than 0900 hrs. Friday, June 21, 2024.

1) At least 50% of the yacht’s crew + 1 person shall be between the ages of 14 and 23 years, inclusive, on June 21, 2024 (the yacht’s “Youth Crew”).

2) The average age of the Youth Crew shall be at least 17 years. All yachts applying to enter this competition shall be subject to review by the Qualifications Committee and may be required to submit records of the crew’s sailing experience.

3) Open to entries in both St David’s and Cruiser Divisions. Cross-Divisional (“X-
DV”) scoring among entries.

4) In addition to the standard safety training requirements established for all competing yachts, 100% of the Youth Crew (14-23 years old) must have completed either a recognized Safety at Sea seminar satisfying NBRSR 5.2 or a Storm Trysail Foundation Junior Safety at Sea Seminar within five years of June 21, 2024. Youth Crew may count toward the yacht’s obligations under both the NBRSR and this trophy.

5) Yachts eligible for this competition will receive a 50% discount on the yacht’s entry fee ($1,250). The crew fee will remain as stated in the Notice of Race.


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Special Prize Application: Stephens Brothers Youth Division Prize

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