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Chan ReisGreen Team

Our Official Sustainability sponsor, Sea Bags encourages donations of used sails which are turned into handbags and other attractive accessories. Sails can be dropped off at any of their retail locations or you can arrange for a pick-up. Soon our sustainability web page will have more information on Sea Bags and links to information on their sail donation program. See this and other content under "Conservation Tips"

Annie LongoBermuda Race Green TeamResources-for-Environmental-Stewards-in-NBR-2022.pdf

Hi! I'm part of the NBR Green Team, don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk ideas 🙂

Chan ReisNewport Bermuda Race Green TeamOptional-Guidance-for-NBR-E-Stewards-1.pdf

As of May 14, 2022 about (50) Newport Bermuda Race skippers have designated an environmental steward on their crew rosters (see SailGate crew management). The file attached provides optional guidance for e-stewards developed with the assistance Dave Johnson on SAFIR. We welcome your input and ideas which you post here or email to [email protected]


As I’m sure you’re aware, everyone needs to be wearing sunscreen. We all know it’s critical to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause sunburns, skin cancer and other types of skin damage. But if the chemicals in certain sunscreens are hurting marine ecosystems, the question also begs to be asked: How safe is this sunscreen for humans?

That’s why my team at EcoWatch created this guide: Your Sunscreen Is Toxic: How to Buy Sunscreen That’s Safe for You & the Environment


Grove Collaborative is a great organization that brings together variously sustainably produced products for purchase. These include cleaning products, sustainable solutions for kitchen storage, personal care, products, among others. Grove plans to be plastic-free by 2025.

Annie LongoBermuda Race Green TeamFile Upload

Please join us for a cleanup of Fort Adams on June 15 at 2PM! The NBR Green Team is co-hosting this event with Clean Ocean Access, a Newport-based non-profit.
E-Stewards: please invite your teammates and anyone else who may be interested! We're hoping for a good turnout!
Reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

David JohnsonSafirSafir-Green-Boating-Plan-NBR-2022.pdf

Green Boating Plan for Safir NBR 2022 including tips and action plans


We've deployed a Watt-and-Sea hydrogenator to keep vessel batteries topped up. Can mount on port or starboard side transom mounts, tilts up (like a dinghy outboard), and tethers to the lifelines (so it won't fall in while moving!). The drag at moderate speed aren't material, and whatever we lose we will gain by carrying less fuel. We've tested thoroughly and are confident it can keep up with all of our shipboard energy needs.

Christopher AndrewsHakuna MatataFile

Chris showed the Green Team a flexible solar panel manufactured by Solbian Marine mounted on the forward cabin trunk which provides auxiliary power to the battery system minimizing the need to run the engine to charge batteries. If it were not for refrigeration, he says this panel would power everything on the boat (Hakuna Matata is a Cal 39.) Just aft are two round solar powered vents (in lieu of cowl vents). They power fans for circulating air inside the cabin. They are lower profile and don't tend to bring on as much water.

Leif HeimboldMomentumFile

This is a general FYI about a bilge filter that can filter out hydrocarbons including oil, gas and diesel fuel from bilge water. The manufacturer, Centek Industries, says this is done without increasing the pressure on the bilge pump. The filter is sold at West Marine and other marine hardware stores. I have used this product on my own boat.

Drew PlominskiArtemisiaArtemisia-Environmental-risk-analysis.pdf

We did a risk review and analysis of potential environmental hazards based on our previous race experience, scored the risks based on severity and likelihood to occur, and then came up with some mitigation strategies which will be employed during our race or have been executed during race prep. This is pretty basic in my opinion, but could be a good framework for future efforts. This style of risk analysis and mitigation (see attached PDF) is based on an ISO standard framework I use in my professional duties for design and safety risk reviews.

Brett BidstrupNBR Green TeamFile

Give new life to an old sail and recycle it. Through the SEA BAGS Sail Trade Program, they make the process of donating a sail easy. And for every usable sail, they offer customers a Sea Bags product in trade.

Chan ReisNBR Green

Please see file attached showing simple instructions for using the Marine Debris Tracker. These were supplied by Kathryn Youngblood, Research Engineer & Citizen Science Director, Debris Tracker at the University of Georgia.

Spencer MeyerAbigailFile

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Here are a few last minute food prep tips: cooking communal meals ahead of time and freezing them in reusable containers to keep our other perishable food cold (we don't have refrigeration on board). Repackaging other food at home where it is easier to properly recycle packaging

We are racing with (6) and are thinking about our shoreside impacts, especially travel to and from the race. Age-old ideas like car-pooling are cool again! We're renting a van so our crew (6) can dramatically reduce our transportation carbon emissions. For those flying home (like myself), purchasing a carbon offset is an option. The link attached gives a great overview of carbon offsets - what they are and why they are good.

The Green Team editor adds that there is something noble about Abigail, Jesse Terry's beloved 1956 Alden ketch (pic attached), storing carbon in the ribs, hull, deck and spars.


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This link provides some of the best options for purchasing flight and travel carbon offsets.

Cortney KingsleySalaciaSalacia-ESteward-1.pdf

Open the document for links and ideas!

Damian Foxall11th Hour Racing

Hi to the Greenteam & Race organisers

We would like to know:
1. What information you are planning to promote the importance of wildlife, species at risk, and sensitive habitat on the race course?
2. What protocol have you defined for racers that observe marine mammals, and how this can be tracked and shared with both other racers and the science community ashore?
3. What information will you provide to the racers to mitigate marine mammal collisions?
4. What protocol have you defined for report marine mammal incidents - both to other vessels - and to relevant marine mammal collision database?

Please let me know if you need any support with this important topic?
Thank you

[email protected]
Sustainability program manager
11th Hour Racing team

Chan ReisNBR Green TeamFile

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Attention Newport Bermuda Race skippers and e-stewards: This article by 11th Hour Racing Team provides important background information on protecting marine mammals while ocean racing. Please review this information in advance of departing Newport and see the YouTube video linked entitled "Best Practices for Sailors at Sea: Avoiding Marine Mammal Strikes" on P 2 of this post.

Chan ReisNBR Green

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See the attached link to 11 Hour Racing's YouTube video entitled "Best Practices for Sailors at Sea: Avoiding Marine Mammal Strikes".

Chan ReisNBR Green TeamMarine-Mammals-Short-brief-NBR22.pdf

For NBR sailors and delivery crews:

11 Hour Racing team (MALAMA) has provided this very helpful Newport Bermuda Race briefing on MARINE MAMMAL risks including:

* Key take outs
* Best practices overview
* Marine Mammal ID Chart
* Data Collection guidance (both for live observations and reporting)
* North Atlantic Right Whale brief & guidance
* Reference/resource page

This is a must-see brief for NBR e-stewards. Consider making this part of a pre-race crew briefing.

Note: Amory Ross is Malama's NBR e-steward.

Monica PepeWhale and Dolphin

Pre-race briefing for 2022 Newport Bermuda Race sailors on the subject of whale sightings and marine mammal interaction while at sea. NBR sailors are encouraged to log sightings and marine mammal strikes.

Chan ReisNBR Green TeamFile

Guidance for trash & recycling at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for arriving 2022 Newport Bermuda Race sailors. This 2-minute video was excerpted from the captain's meeting in Newport, June 16, 2022. Presenter is Commodore Craig Davis, RBYC. Please pay special attention to his guidance on reusable drink cups.

Megan GimpleJ122 Aliance / Mudratz

Beach Clean Up Alert! Join the Mudratz sailors at Great Bay Beach at 11am for some beach clean up fun! Or get your crew together and help keep Bermuda beautiful whereever you're adventure leads you today 💙

Megan GimpleJ122 Alliance / Mudratz

Grape Bay Beach ⛱️

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