Update Monday Afternoon: Summer Storm wins Gibbs Hill

June 24, 2024

By Mark LeBeau

Summer Storm 52 Sails past St. David's Lighthouse

Photo: Steve Cloutier

We have our first winner!

Pending any protests, Summer Storm 52 and its crew will be the champions of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division of the 53rd Newport Bermuda Race. This projection is according to our Live Results, which can be followed for the remainder of the race. Scroll down for more information on the Live Results Page.

Just five months ago, this boat, owned and skippered by Andy Berdon, was stored in a shed in Germany. After a series of repairs—bringing the vessel across the Atlantic to Florida, and finally up to Newport—Summer Storm 52 sailed into Bermuda with a corrected time of just over two days and 10 hours.

For navigator Chris “Lew” Lewis, this is the second Bermuda Race in a row in which he has emerged victorious. Berdon credits the win to the crew’s ability to avoid fronts approaching the coast of New England on the first night of sailing.

Photo: Steve Cloutier

Several other boats finished overnight and early into the morning, including Pyewacket 70, Allegra, and OC 86. Results for remaining divisions and classes will become known as more boats arrive in Bermuda.

This evening should be a busy one at St. David’s Lighthouse and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, as more racers cross the finish line.

How to Use the Live Results Page

Tracking the sailors this year has never been more exciting - especially using the Palm Beach Motor Yachts Tracker. But have you seen the Live Results Page? New for the 2024 Race, our results are powered by Nautical Cloud and offer live standings and many analytic tools to help us all understand where the boats stand amongst each other. Click on the green “Live Results” tab and you will see the boats a selected participant is winning against, and which ones pose a threat to their position. You can also analyze boats’ progress in the “Sector Time Analysis” tab. So click around and get really into the technical side of the performance stats!

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