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This page is intended as a resource to help competitors successfully obtain their Bermuda Marine Travel Authorization (MTA) by providing links, videos, and FAQs related to the protocols.

Registration Opens:

June 12, 2022


Other Important Dates

COVID-19 protocols have created new steps that all sailors will need to follow to meet Bermuda’s immigration requirements. The most important change is that all competitors (including the Captain) will need to apply for (and receive) a “Mariner’s Travel Authorization” (MTA) prior to departing for Bermuda which requires vaccination and a negative pre-travel COVID-19 test.

BEFORE the Captain can complete on-site registration, he/she must know that ALL crew members have met the requirements for a MTA. Only competitors who have received their MTA approval can then visit the Bermuda Government Immigration officers in Newport for pre-clearance into Bermuda.

As an aid to competitors, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has worked with two vendors to tailor their testing capabilities for the race. Details are below.

Competitor Bulletin #11 published on March 31st details this process in its entirety and is a good place to start.

Obtaining COVID testing required by Bermuda for travel to Bermuda

The Bermuda Government requires a negative COVID test to obtain a Mariner’s Travel Authorization (for those arriving by boat) or a Travel Authorization (for those traveling by air). As an aid to competitors, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has worked with two vendors TestZone Services and Fit to Fly BDA to tailor their testing capabilities for the race.

To ensure that there will be sufficient testing capability available to test all competitors, return crew, and guests in a short period of time before the race, both services require those wishing to use these services to register for a testing time slot with the service they choose. 

You are not required to use these services. They have been arranged by BROC with the vendors for your convenience and to ensure that there is sufficient testing capacity available to meet the needs of all competitors.

Testing For Competitors

Option 1: Test in person in Newport

You may choose to test in-person in Newport at the race headquarters at Sail Newport. In-person testing is offered by TestZone Services providing Rapid PCR testing on Monday and Tuesday and Rapid Antigen testing on Wednesday.

Option 2: Test remotely by video

Proctored Antigen testing is permitted by Bermuda 2 days before departure so you may test remotely by video from anywhere in the world on Wednesday 6/15 and have results so the boat captain can register the boat by 1900.

Option 3: Provide your own test results

You do not need to use the testing services arranged by BROC as long as your test results are from a valid source as stipulated by the Bermuda Government and are provided so the boat captain can register by 1900 on Wednesday.

Antigen test kits to take onboard for the race

TestZone also can provide antigen test kits to take onboard for the race. You order them through the service and pick them up at registration in Newport. BROC VERY strongly encourages each boat to have two antigen tests (usually kits come with two tests) on board per crew member for self-testing during the race (and one pulse oximeter on each boat).

Testing For Return Crew and Guests/others flying to Bermuda

Test remotely by video

Return Crew members, friends, family, guests, etc. may also use the remote (at home) proctored antigen testing services.



Testing in person in Newport

The time windows for testing in-person in at Race Headquarters at Sail Newport are:

  1. Rapid PCR test: Monday 6/13 and Tuesday 6/14, 0800 to 1600
  2. Rapid Antigen test: Wednesday 6/15, 0600 to 1700

Pre-Registration and payment for TestZone services is available from April 19th to May 20th.

All pricing includes:

  • Test Administration
  • Crew MTA Compliance Report for Captains to manages testing and vaccination status
  • Access to the TestZone app for vaccine card and test result upload
  • Access to Zonetics health forecasting service in the weeks leading up to the race

Contact TestZone with questions at



Testing remotely by video

Proctored Rapid Antigen testing tailored to the race is offered by two vendors: “TestZone Services” and “Fit to Fly BDA”. Unlike on-site in-person testing, numerous other commercial services are available if you wish to find another vendor. These two vendors have specifically adapted their services to support the needs of the race, particularly to have sufficient capability to test all competitors that choose this testing option on Wednesday. It is essential that anyone intending to utilize these services register in advance.

The two services have some differences in their offerings. The significant differences are:

  1. Antigen test kit: TestZone mails you an antigen testing kit with extra tests for confirmatory testing
  2. Number of people per session: TestZone can test groups of 1 to 10 people in the same session
  3. Prices: $130/ 2 Tests (50% discount for group testing)
  4. Testing window for Racing Crew: All day on 6/15, starting at midnight.
  5. Dates For Return Crew & Guests: 24/7 as needed for outbound (to Bermuda) and inbound (to US)

Contact TestZone with questions at

  1. Antigen test kit: Fit to Fly BDA uses a test kit that you purchase separately.
  2. Number of people per session: Fit to Fly BDA can test groups of 1 to 10 people in the same session.
  3. Prices: $50/ test
  4. Testing window for Racing Crew: 6/15 as spaces allow (see availability on website)
  5. Dates For Return Crew & Guests: Always Available

More Details and FAQs at

Bermuda Testing/Immigration Webinar – April 5th

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee leadership conducted a webinar in early April to review steps required to meet Bermuda’s current COVID-19 and immigration requirements and the options competitors have for testing and completing Registration. 

Additional information including extended Registration hours was reviewed during the webinar, a recording of which is posted below along with the Q&A in which participants and panelists actively participated. Once they watch the webinar, sailors are asked to also submit their testing preference as well.

Q&A From April 5 2022 Webinar

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