June 27, 2022

Alchemist is racing both ways, 4-handed down to Bermuda and 2-handed back to Newport

June 27, 2022

More than 100 prizes were awarded at a ceremony at Bermuda’s Government House on Saturday evening

June 27, 2022

Mark your calendars for the third Thursday in June, 2024. Mark Lenci has been named chairman

June 24, 2022

A message to competitors related to the Prize-Giving, corrections in the scoring, and new YouTube videos

June 23, 2022

A message to competitors on clearing Bermuda Customs and options for duty-free fuel purchase

June 23, 2022

Bermuda Race organizers look forward to lessons learned aboard Morgan of Marietta to improve safety for all sailors

Race Program 2022

The "Bermuda Ocean Cruising Yacht Trophy" is awarded to the best-combined performance between the current Newport Bermuda Race and the immediate prior @MarionBermudaRace in the Finisterre Division.

MOMENTUM, Paul Kanev's Hinckley SW51 is this year's winner.

Photo: Daniel Forster

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Among the trophies handed out at this year's Prizegiving, was the William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize for the Best Corrected Time by a Vessel with at least 4 Family Members.

The winner was the Bush family on Toujours with runners-up the Storck family on Palantir 5 and the Turchetta Family on Amadeus V.

📸: Daniel Forster

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Tomorrow, the inaugural Bermuda Short-Handed Return Race will begin. 20 teams are participating to double or singlehanded back to Newport. The race hopes to engender a safe return environment for competitors through tracking and the knowledge that other competitors are on the course to provide assistance if needed. It is also hoped the race will promote greater interest in short-handed sailing, particularly in light of the Olympic interest under discussion.

It is not just those who raced double-handed to Bermuda participating, many multi-crew race boats will race back shorthanded now and some sailors are even switching boats. @AlchemistRacing sponsored by @bluenoseyachts will have a double-handed women's team now of Sara Stone and Kat Hunt, class winner Chris Dragon’s captain Ed Bahen will sail back with Kyle Hubley, and our Inspection Chief, James Phyfe, switches boats to sail back with Thomas Vander Salm on Yankee Girl.

Learn more about this @nyyc_regattas, @royalbermudayc, @cruisingclubofamerica effort including the Safe Harbors Marinas tracker at the link in our bio.

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Thank you to all sailors sending in their footage from your journey to show the world what the Bermuda Race is all about!

🔼: Upload yours:
⛵️: Bluenose Yacht Sales Tracker:
🏆: Results are posted at
🎤: Interviews are on

All links in bio.

#BermudaRace #Bermuda #NewportBermuda #Regatta #OffshoreRace #Sailors #Sailor #NewportRI #Offshoresailing @royalbermudayc #royalbermudayc @cruisingclubofamerica #cruisingclubofamerica

Please give a big 👏 to Destiny! Thomas Stokes and crew were the final boat to cross the finish line last night. Whoever was responsible onboard for meals receives the “Cooks Award” tomorrow at prize giving.

#BermudaRace #Endurance

Photo: Crew member Selina by Anne Hyde

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