The Role of “Environmental Steward” in 2024 Crews

Beyond the challenge and prestige of offshore racing, the “Thrash to the Onion Patch” is a chance for serious offshore racers to use their expertise, inventiveness and influence to advance the protection of the playground we love so much—our oceans.

This year, the SailGate entry portal for the 2024 Newport Bermuda Race invites captains to designate an “environmental steward” onboard. Among time-honored crew positions—watch captain, tactician, medical and safety officer—the “environmental steward” is a crewmember willing to bring ingenuity and effort to “Green Boating” and Clean Regatta practices. The position carries no mandatory requirements, but signals a commitment to help your crew prepare, provision, and execute the race with sustainability in mind.

Bermuda Race skippers are requested to consider adding this position to their crew. Join a growing network of sailors concerned about delivering solutions to our considerable environmental challenges through individual and organizational efforts.

Your environmental steward will automatically be enrolled in the Bermuda Race Green Team and can provide valuable input, improve on best practices, and play a special role in the next chapters of our storied Newport Bermuda history.

Our Clean Regatta race partner, Sailors for the Sea, is one of several excellent resources willing to share best practices, aiding the entire fleet as we work to achieve their Clean Regatta PLATINUM status in 2024.

To this end, we’re charting a course around these objectives:

·     Say goodbye to single-use plastic

·     Rejoice for reuse

·     Provision thoughtfully

·     Recycle right

·     Green your cleaning

The 2024 Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) and the newly created Bermuda Race Foundation are committed to sustaining our classic, biennial ocean race long into the future. Each running provides an opportunity to improve the environmental footprint. This is expressed in Section 2.7 of the Notice of Race:

Cognizant of the need for environmental stewardship, the OA endeavors to operate the race as a “Clean Regatta” executing to the greatest extent possible any and all best practices as defined by “Sailors for the Sea” in its Clean Regatta program. All competitors should plan to promote and adopt a “leave-no-trace” approach while at sea, and during events while ashore in Newport and Bermuda. The OA seeks the cooperation of all competitors and support personnel including vendors in reducing waste before, during, and at the conclusion of the event. See RRS 47. [NP]

Clean Regatta Logo - Gold Certification 2018

We would like to hear from you about our sustainability initiatives as well as your own ideas for protecting our oceans.  Email [email protected]

Conservation Tips for Sailors

Reusable Water Bottles

All teams should only use reusable water bottles. Think about getting a good bottle branded with your boat name or the race name as an incentive to your crew.There should be no single-use plastic bottles used. Consider using a “dolphin pump” to transfer water from the boat tanks or large water jugs to the reusable bottles mid-race.

RRS Rule 47

Rule 47 is in effect for the duration of the Bermuda Race: “Competitors and support persons shall not intentionally put trash in the water. The rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification.”

Waste Disposal & Recycling

In Rhode Island, please recycle all glassware, cans, paper, and plastics possible. On arrival in Bermuda, please dispose of all waste properly when you arrive in Bermuda. recycling includes tin, aluminum and glass only.

Recycling at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Recycle Sails

Instead of getting rid of old sails, give them a second life. Sea Bags will be at Race Headquarters at Sail Newport between June 17-June 21 collecting retired sails to be repurposed into durable totes and accessories.


Learn more

Biodiesel & Alternative Fuel

Consider adding Biodiesel to your diesel fuel to create an 80(diesel)/20(biodiesel) blend for your engine. We also encourage racing teams to consider having some form of alternative energy: hydrogenerator, fuel cell, solar panels, wind generator.


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Join the Green Team

We would like to hear from you about our sustainability initiatives as well as your own ideas for protecting our oceans.