Name an Onboard Environmental Steward

One of the six major initiatives and activities of the Bermuda Race Foundation is to educate participants about environmental stewardship and to implement programs to make the classic event environmentally sustainable.

The 2022 race cycle saw skippers and crew managers task a member of their crew to be the onboard “environmental steward.” Some fifty sailors were designated to this important position to help plan, provision and execute the race with the ocean in mind. Our goal for the 2024 race is to double the number of e-stewards to help advance the best practices outlined by Sailors for the Sea and their Clean Regatta program. 

The entry management system allows skippers or crew managers to take this step. Once a crew member accepts an invitation to join the race, the skipper or crew manager can assign crew functions such as Watch Captain, Navigator or Environmental Steward. More than one e-steward can be tasked for this function.   


The Newport Bermuda Race Sustainability Report from 2022 documents many of the best practices executed by Bermuda Race sailors, vendors and sponsors. We encourage you to view the report and image ways you can aid this effort. 

The hundreds of sailors who race in the “Thrash to the Onion Patch” are a unique collection of adventurers from a variety of backgrounds, ages, education, and professional pursuits. They represent an enormous resource of talent that can be leveraged to tackle environmental challenges. This year the Bermuda Race starting line event at Fort Adams gives us an opportunity to engage with the wider community on these important subjects and practices.  

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) backed by the Bermuda Race Foundation are committed to sustaining this classic, biennial ocean race long into the future. Each running of the race provides an opportunity to improve our environmental footprint. We welcome this challenge and ask the cooperation of all competitors, support personnel and vendors in reducing waste before, during, and at the conclusion of the race.

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We would like to hear from you about our sustainability initiatives as well as your own ideas for protecting our oceans.  Email [email protected]

Conservation Tips for Sailors

Reusable Water Bottles

All teams should only use reusable water bottles. Think about getting a good bottle branded with your boat name or the race name as an incentive to your crew.There should be no single-use plastic bottles used. Consider using a “dolphin pump” to transfer water from the boat tanks or large water jugs to the reusable bottles mid-race.

RRS Rule 47

Rule 47 is in effect for the duration of the Bermuda Race: “Competitors and support persons shall not intentionally put trash in the water. The rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification.”

Waste Disposal & Recycling

In Rhode Island, please recycle all glassware, cans, paper, and plastics possible. On arrival in Bermuda, please dispose of all waste properly when you arrive in Bermuda. recycling includes tin, aluminum and glass only.

Recycling at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Biodiesel & Alternative Fuel

Consider adding Biodiesel to your diesel fuel to create an 80(diesel)/20(biodiesel) blend for your engine. We also encourage racing teams to consider having some form of alternative energy: hydrogenerator, fuel cell, solar panels, wind generator.



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Join the Green Team

We would like to hear from you about our sustainability initiatives as well as your own ideas for protecting our oceans.