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newport bermuda race start 2018

June 9, 2021

The SailGate entry system opens June 18th, with full credit available for competitors who paid deposits in 2020

May 13, 2021

The fourth Race-Prep webinar helped entrants decide which Division is right for them. Recap and recording are available.

Class 5 St. David's Lighthouse Division start in 2018.

May 3, 2021

The Newport Bermuda Race consists of several “races within the race” for cruisers, racers, and more. Register for our next webinar and learn where you and your boat fit best.

2018 Newport Bermuda Race start Class 9

April 26, 2021

Based in Newport, the two publications have produced the official program and provided other direct support for the “Thrash to the Onion Patch” since 2002.

April 14, 2021

Webinar #3, “To Finish First, You First Must Finish” drew more than 100 sailors to focus on yacht preparation and crew training for the 2022 Bermuda Race


April 8, 2021

“To Finish First, You First Must Finish” – Register now for a free race-prep webinar on yacht preparation and crew training for the 2022 Bermuda Race, Tuesday at 7pm EDT

April 1, 2021

GMT Composites, mast builder for three winning boats in the last three races, has been named an Official Race Supporter.


March 17, 2021

A “Thrash to the Onion Patch” has many facets, but it’s the stories that live on long after the results are posted and forgotten.

March 11, 2021

The 2022 Race-Prep Webinar Series continues with a look at the human side of sailing this classic race. Register here for the event on March 16, 7pm EDT.

February 10, 2021

On Tuesday night, 136 prospective bluewater racers attended the first of this winter’s Bermuda Race-Prep Series: “It’s on Your Bucket List.”

Photos and Videos

Starting line boat at Newport Bermuda Race

Visit our Media Room for the latest in Photos and Videos for the Bermuda Race.

The Bermuda Race brings together boats of all sizes, even the super yachts! Kawil was the largest boat in the 2018 race measuring 112 ft! Will a new super yacht break that record in 2022? ⠀
Photo: Daniel Forster ⠀
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Bermuda Race Entries Open Next Week! Race Starts June 17, 2022 and the NOR Is Posted: Check out the latest news from #NewportBermuda Race via the link in our bio.⠀

Also if you want to learn more about our registration process, there is a webinar next Tuesday, June 15th at Noon. Sign up for Link in bio as well. ⠀

Photo: The 2018 Newport to Bermuda Start by Dan Nerney

Happy World Oceans Day 💙🌊! ⠀

Name one thing below 👇🏼 sailors can do to help protect our seas to preserve for another 52 Thrashes to the Onion Patch! ⠀

#WorldOceansDay #NewportBermuda #BermudaRace @RoyalBermudaYC #CruisingClubofAmerica

It's June! This time next year our sailors will all be getting ready for the Bermuda Race 2022! We hope you have enjoyed our Race Prep Webinar Series this Spring. Our final seminar before Entry opens on June 18th will be "How to Register for Newport Bermuda" on June 15th. We know many of you are out on your boats now enjoying the weather - so this will be a LUNCHTIME CHAT (and also recorded). Some come to learn how the entry system works. Register via the link in our bio.⠀

#NewportBermuda #BermudaRace #CruisingClubofAmerica #RoyalBermudaYachtClub

“How to Register for Newport Bermuda” Our next Race Prep Webinar will be Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at 7PM. Our entry and race chairs will introduce you to our entry system and show you how to get started with your entry early.⠀

Sign up for a webinar link: https://buff.ly/3cvnt93

This is the George W. Mixter trophy that’s awarded to the winning navigators in the Bermuda Race Lighthouse Divisions. George W. Mixter was the cook in a boat in the 1926 Bermuda Race when he “caught the germ.” By 1940 he knew enough to publish his authoritative manual, Primer of Navigation.⠀
A typical navigator during the first 70 years of the Bermuda Race was described humorously by a shipmate as “crawling from the main hatch like a strange, subterranean animal. With eyes red and bleary from peeking through a sextant all the afternoon, he examined the sky critically and then dove below for his instruments.” Not a role most would take on willingly but Mixter mastered the science and became a true legend in Bermuda Race history. ⠀

#BermudaRace #NewportBermuda #OffShoreSailing #RoyalBermudaYachtClub #CruisingClubofAmerica

“The Multiple Races in the Bermuda Race” ➡️ Check out the recap from last week's Race Prep Webinar about divisions and advice from the Technical Committee. ⠀

"It's a Race about Rules," said Nick Nicholson, chair of the Committee and renowned measurement official, he emphasized the rules that sailors were responsible for reading and following, including Racing Rules of Sailing, the Offshore Racing Rule, the Notice of Race and the Newport Bermuda Race Safety Requirements.⠀

Also, this table was presented by former Race Chair, A.J. Evans, for illustrative purposes about the differences between divisions on our website!⠀

2022 NOR coming soon! ⠀

#BermudaRace #OffshoreSailing

What's your favorite part of the Bermuda Race? The Start or the Finish?! Here we see Endurance, Halberg Rassy 62; Bounty, Swan 66 and Clodette, Hylas 56 starting off the 2018 race together. ⠀

Photo: Daniel Forster/PPL⠀
#BermudaRace #NewportBermuda #OffShoreSailing #RoyalBermudaYachtClub #CruisingClubofAmerica

TOMORROW May 11, 1900, EDT - “What Division is Right for Me in the Bermuda Race?” This is our Race-Prep Webinar #4. Sign Up in link in bio. (Webinar Series)⠀

In this one-hour webinar, past race chair A.J. Evans and technical committee chair Nick Nicholson will help you decide which “race within the Bermuda Race” is right for you, your boat, and your crew.⠀

Your type of boat and your crew make-up will sometimes make it obvious whether you will sail in the St. David’s, Gibbs Hill, Finisterre or other divisions, but often as Captain you can make equipment and crew choices to sail in a more or less intensely competitive mode, thereby moving into one division or another.⠀

Moderated by Race Vice-Chairman Mark Lenci, our experts will review several examples and respond to your questions.⠀

Registration is free, but you must REGISTER to receive the Zoom link for the event. As you register, you are also invited to submit questions in advance. (NOTE: If you've previously registered, there's no need to do so again.)⠀

📸: Talbot Wilson⠀



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