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Over 100 Prizes Available to Competitors

Despite more than 100 awards available to competitors, including the St. David’s Lighthouse trophy, the Carleton Mitchell Finisterre trophy, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, all prizes are designed to be well-earned and signify outstanding performance by accomplished bluewater sailors. There are no “easy” prizes in the Bermuda Race.

Notice to Skippers –The CCA has no paid staff. The RBYC has neither the staff nor finances to go into the global export business. The 2024 Bermuda Race Organizing Committee disbands June 29th after Prizegiving, its work done. It is your responsibility to arrange to collect, while you are in Bermuda, your Participant Plaque, and any prizes you may have won. You may designate a representative to pick up your prize at Government House if you cannot do it personally. There is no facility for shipping unclaimed awards.

Robert S. Darbee

Awards Chair 



Each entrant finishing the Race receives a brass plaque suitable for display aboard their vessel which reads “For Successfully Completing the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race.” These are included with the packet you will receive when checking in at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.


The Awards Ceremony will be held at Government House Saturday, June 25th, 1800 hrs. and is by invitation ONLY. 

Covid Restrictions may apply re attendance limitations so be alert for additional information posted on this website and the RBYC bulletin board. 

Invitations will be issued in accordance with Covid Regulations at the time, and MUST be presented at Government House to be admitted. 

Invitations will be issued in Bermuda at the RBYC when results are available and prevailing Prizegiving Covid protocol for June 25 has been set. 

Due to space limitations there are no “extra” tickets. Please do not jeopardize your invitations by seeking advance information or tickets from the staff – this simply delays the process. The information and tickets will be available at the earliest possible time.

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Each year some sailors fail to register for the Special Trophies before the race and subsequently miss out on some terrific prizes they could have won! Don’t let this be you.  An indication of intention on Race Entry is not sufficient.  To qualify a Special Entry form must be completed.


Special Entry Prizes

Awards that require a special entry form

There are Five “Special Entry” competitions for boats racing to Bermuda in 2022. These require completion of a separate Special Entry form in addition to general Race entry. An indication of intention on Race Entry is not sufficient. To qualify a Special Entry form must be completed.

For these and certain other prizes marked “X-DV” (See Prize List) will be based on cross-divisional comparison of decimal percentage standing of corrected time ranking within a vessel’s own division. Thus, prize winners will be determined by cross-divisional comparison of a vessel’s relative performance within its respective division. The vessel with a higher relative final standing within its own division will then place higher cross-divisionally. This allows for greater competition for the same prize among vessels in different divisions. It also allows boats from different divisions to combine in 3-boat teams for the Pratt competition.

Jim Grundy Grundoon wins William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize

Glenn Family Prize

Will Glenn was a “Pied Piper” of sailing who, in the course of more than 50 years, introduced many families and friends – young people especially – to the joys and comraderie of sailing. This prize was given by his family in commemoration of his genial, enthusiastic nature in pursuit of that mission.

Along with a daughter and two sons, Jim Grundy receives the William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize for winning St. David's Lighthouse Class 4.

Photo: Nic Douglass - photo

H. Irving Pratt 3-Boat Team

The Pratt Trophy was given by friends in memory of H. Irving Pratt who took a serious and sustained interest in the problem of handicapping offshore yachts for racing. He had been Chairman of the CCA Technical Committee, Commodore of the New York Yacht Club and sponsor of the Pratt Ocean Racing Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Regional Trophy Selection 

The Newport Bermuda Race awards “Regional” Prizes to recognize the efforts of skippers, vessels and crew that come some distance to participate. There are 5 Regions to be so recognized.

Chris Van Tol accepts the 2014 Regional Prize for top Great lakes entry from His Excellency Mr. George Fergusson as RBYC Commodore Somers Kempe looks on.

City of Newport Trophy

Best Performing “Foreign” Yacht—The City of Newport Trophy recognizes the special efforts of Skippers, Crew and Vessels who have come a substantial distance to participate in the Newport Bermuda Race. AND to emphasize the far-ranging significance of this Race as the sole international offshore event among the great yacht races across the globe.

CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia 

Stephens Brothers Youth Prize

The Newport Bermuda Race is well known as a long-distance ocean adventure with a special appeal for ambitious young sailors. Many of today’s skippers, navigators, and watch captains first went to sea as teenage deck hands in a “Thrash to the Onion Patch,” or on a return delivery from Bermuda. Perhaps most illustrious of such sailors were Rod and Olin Stephens. With their breakthrough yacht Dorade, they won several prominent events by age 23.

2016 Winners of the Inaugural Stephens Brothers Youth Prize, the crew of High Noon with His Excellency, The Governor of Bermuda, George Fergusson

Photo Credit: Barry Pickthall/PPL



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