Bermuda Logistics

Bermuda Race Headquarters

The RBYC is the centre of activity for racers and their families while in Bermuda. With ample dockage for nearly all visiting yachts (by arrangement), a well stocked bar and restaurant and duty officer, the RBYC is a capable generous race host.

Bermuda Related Documents & Forms

Note that Customs and Immigration forms are not available for download. These may be secured at Race Headquarters in Newport before departure.

Important Information

Getting from St. Georges to Hamilton after finishing

Yachts proceeding between St. George’s and Hamilton.

After finishing the race, and PRIOR TO ENTERING the ship channel proceeding to Hamilton, yachts are requested to contact Bermuda Radio on VHF Channel 16 or 27 to receive an update on shipping traffic. YACHTS ARE ADVISED NOT TO NAVIGATE the Channels between St. George’s and Hamilton in the hours of darkness.

The Swing Bridge at Ferry Reach will be operating on summer hours, which are: a quarter to and a quarter past the hour from 0745 until 1845.There will be an additional opening at 1230 hours. Contact the Swing Bridge on VHF Channel 13. This considerably shortens the distance between the two points; however, yachts drawing more than 7’6” are advised not to use this passage, but to sail to Hamilton around Fort St. Catherine and up the North Shore.



For reasons of safety, yachts finishing the race during the hours of darkness are welcome to proceed into St. George’s Harbour and anchor until daylight. They will, however, do so under quarantine until cleared by H.M. Customs at RBYC in Hamilton. Vessels with serious mechanical, rigging or medical problems onboard that are unable to proceed to Hamilton in the normal manner should contact Bermuda Radio for further guidance on H.M. Customs clearance.

Anchoring/ Berthing at RBYC

Yachts, when anchoring, are warned to be careful of the submarine cable between Albuoy’s Point, the western end of White’s Island and Hodson’s Ferry Landing. All yachts at anchor should berth, for their own safety, WELL CLEAR of the Main Ship Channel (making due allowances for Southerly winds) as outlined in the charts and, if their anchor berth is temporarily vacated, are recommended to leave a mark buoy.

Yachts intending to berth off Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel (Tel: 441-295-3000), or off the RHADC (Tel: 441-236-2250) are requested to inform the Dock Master well in advance. Owners and skippers of yachts using the facilities of Hamilton Harbour during Bermuda Race Week are hereby warned to expect heavy shipping traffic and to be guided accordingly.

RBYC has reserved moorings in their marina for class winners and those with pre-arranged reservations using the form linked at the top of this page.  Yachts should contact the RBYC Dock Master on VHF Channel 74 once they have passed through Two Rock Passage and are proceeding down Hamilton Harbour. The RHADC will monitor VHF Channel 73. The Finish Line Committee will monitor VHF Channel 72.

The standard charge for berthing, including complimentary Wi-Fi, security, water and use of the RBYC’s facilities, is $5.00 per foot per day. Electricity use will be charged at $25/day. Catamarans will be charged at a factor of 1.5 x the standard rate and trimarans will be charged at a factor of 2 x the standard rate.   The RBYC dock master, Reggie Horseman, will keep account on a daily basis of boats arriving and departing. A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will be deducted from the total berthing charges. All charges will be billed to the credit card you provided on your reservation form. If the charges are not to be charged to the credit card number on your reservation form, you must give the accounts office authorization to charge another card.

All vessels must have sufficient fenders, dock lines and anchor ready on arrival at RBYC. Please be patient when it comes to docking as the Dock Masters cannot be everywhere at once and will be working to get everyone docked as quickly and efficiently as possible. It would be appreciated if yachts would dress ship overall at their convenience after berthing.

Alternatively, yachts may dock at Royal Amateur Dinghy Club, also by pre-registration using the form linked at the top of this page. 

Checking In/Clearing In at RBYC

Bermuda Race Obligations

  1. Skippers are reminded that the Certificate of Compliance must be handed in to the Duty Officers’ Desk at the RBYC, after clearing Customs. Each Certificate must be handed in within 18 hours of finishing the Race.
  2. The Tourism Survey MUST also be submitted.
  3. Each yacht must also submit a copy of the Onboard Training Certificate signed by all participating crew, unless the certificate was submitted prior to the Race in Newport. Yachts will not be scored without submissions of the document.
  4. Return Position Transponder.

Customs Clearance Obligations

All yachts in the Race MUST clear Immigrations in Newport or at the RBYC and must submit documents to H.M. Customs at the RBYC on arrival. For yachts berthed at the RHADC, please contact the RHADC Duty Desk for transport to RBYC for Customs Clearance. Once they have cleared Customs at the RBYC, please contact the RBYC Duty Desk for transport back to RHADC.

Internet, Fax, Telephone

Telephone, Faxes, Photocopies and Email to RBYC

  • Duty Desk: (441) 799-4015 or (441) 799-0792
  • Telephone: (441) 295-2214
  • Facsimile: (441) 295-6361
  • Overseas Calls: Reverse charge (collect), credit cards, AT&T, MCI or Sprint calling card calls are allowed by dialing 00. International calling cards may be purchased from the RBYC Reception Desk.

Mobile Phones

Bermuda supports world-class cellular communications. Most carriers on Island have relationships with major carriers around the world, which will allow you to use your phone while in Bermuda. All support 4G Networks. Digicel Bermuda is the main Blackberry outlet on the island.Digicel Bermuda: 441-500-5000. Website: 441-700-7000. Website:

Office Services

MAILBOXES UNLIMITED 48 Par-La-Ville Road (just 2 minutes from the Club) Guests will find a full range of facilities for faxing, photocopying and courier services at Mailboxes. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9.30am- 4.30pm. For more information call 292-6563.

Internet Facilities

Please note the monitors in the trophy lounge are available for checking race results only.

Limited wireless access will be available at RBYC during the event, dependent upon volume of usage:

  • Network name: RBYC
  • Password: RBYC1845

For alternate access to the Internet please note the following locations:

  • City WiFi – part of the TBI WiFi Zone. Available throughout Hamilton. Fee may apply.
  • BUZZ CAFÉ, UPPER LEVEL, WASHINGTON MALL, HAMILTON 295-4903 Free wireless Internet access for Buzz Café customers – no printing available. Monday to Friday 7:30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm
  • LOGIC INTERNET CAFÉ, 10-12 BURNABY STREET, HAMILTON 296-9600 Wireless access and terminals – no printing available. Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm; $5 per 30 minutes.
  • BERMUDA NATIONAL LIBRARY, 13 QUEEN STREET, HAMILTON 295-1313 Free of charge but usually a 15 or 30-minute limit. Wireless access and terminals – printing is available for a fee. Monday to Thursday 8:30am-7pm Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 1-5pm
  • TWICE TOLD TALES, 34 PARLIAMENT STREET, HAMILTON 296-1995 Wireless access and terminals – no printing available. $3 for 15 minutes; $5 for 30 minutes. Monday to Friday 8am-5.30pm, Saturday 12 noon-3pm

Pickup/Drop Off Laundry

Arrangements have been made for a laundry service from Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th June from the Especially For You Laundry (phone 297-5555) or Greg on 338-8343.

Laundry will be collected from the RBYC Flagpole at 3 pm starting on Tuesday June 23. The last pickup will be Friday June 26 at 3pm and the last delivery will be Saturday 27 June at 9pm.

Please note that delivery of laundry back to the RBYC will be made on a cash basis ONLY @ $2.00 per pound.

Card/Coin Operated Laundry

Quickie Lickie Laundromat, 74 Serpentine Road (295-6097) is a 5 minutes walk from RBYC. Monday to Saturday 6am – 10pm, Sunday 6am – 6pm.

Water, Fuel, Propane, Electricity, Ice, and Garbage


Water is available from various outlets along the RBYC dock and is included in the berth fee.


Fuel is available at the Pearman Watlington Marine Filling Station telephone 295-3185 just west of the RBYC marina. Note that the maximum draft at low tide is 10 ́. This service station is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday. Bagged ice available. Fuel can be purchased by credit card 24/7.

For deeper water, fuel can be purchased by appointment at RUBiS Dockyard where the maximum draft is 32 ́. Contact David Whited at 234-0233.

Fuel is also available by appointment with Esso at Tiger Bay in St. George’s. Contact Chris Gibbons at 294-523.


Propane refills are available from Bermuda Gas & Utility Co. Ltd., which is located at 25 Serpentine Road, a 15 minute walk from the RBYC – they will also deliver.

Contact Mr. Lightbourn at 325-1833 or 295-3111 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.


Shore power is 120v 30amp or 120/240v 50amp. Boats must provide their own shore power leads plus adapters.


There will be a daily delivery of both block and bag ice from Monday, June 23rd between the times of 10:00am and 11:00am.

Ice Prices are as follows:

  • 12.5 lbs block ice: $4.50
  • 25 lbs block ice: $9.00
  • 25 lbs bag cubed ice: $8.00.
  • 40 lbs bag cubed ice: $14.24
  • Contact K.C. Daniels Ltd. Tel: 236-3189


Garbage will be collected twice daily. Please put garbage in the bins provided at the rear of the Club. Recyclable items (glass and cans only) should be placed in blue recycling bags.

Departing from Bermuda

Clearance from Bermuda

Clearance papers are necessary for all yachts leaving Bermuda, which must be provided to H.M. Customs at RBYC prior to departure. It is required that immediately before departure from Bermuda, skippers provide a statement giving the name of the yacht, estimated time of departure, names, nationality and address of all people on board and proposed port of entry. Once H.M. Customs Officers are no longer stationed at the RBYC, which will be after Sunday 24th June, skippers must clear out at the Yacht Reporting Centre, in St. George telephone 441-297-1226. Participants should advise H.M. Customs that they are Newport to Bermuda Race competitors.

Skippers of yachts returning to the US with any aliens on board should ensure that the aliens present themselves to the US Immigration Officer at the US Consulate, “Crown Hill”, 16 Middle Road, Devonshire, telephone 441-295-1342, fax 441-295-1592 and if their passports are in order, they will be issued an immigration permit and clearance to enter the US. This will avoid embarrassment and unnecessary delay at the yacht’s port of entry.

Departure from Bermuda

Prior to departure from Bermuda, all yachts are required to notify Bermuda Radio on VHF Channel 16, to give them a departure time, Persons On Board, and next port of call in the event of an incident after they leave. Skippers are recommended to call on the way up from Hamilton as you approach the Narrows Channel for sea.

Bermuda Radio Contact Details

  • Tel: (441) 297-1010 Fax: (441) 297-1530
  • Inmarsat C: 581 431010110 RCCB X or 584 431010120 RCCB X
  • E-mail: or
  • Website:
  • SSB: 4,125 kHz and 2,182 kHz
  • VHF: Channels 16 and 27

Bermuda Border Control

Participants in the 2020 Newport Bermuda Race can make their lives and those of Bermuda Department of Border Control officials easier by reading and following the following customs and immigration instructions.

Before Departing Newport: Pre-clear into Bermuda

Bermuda Department of Border Control officers will be posted at Race Headquarters in Newport (follow link for Race HQ hours and location) to provide pre-clearance services.  Pre-clearing will help avoid long waits to clear in at RBYC and put you closer to that first post-race Dark ’n Stormy. The Border Control officers will process and return all forms, which are then expected to be collected by captains and turned in to Border Control for the crew at RBYC check-in upon arrival in Bermuda.

Upon Arrival in Bermuda

When you arrive in Bermuda, captains will need to bring all customs paperwork for the vessel and pre-cleared crew to the duty desk when they check in. Crew not pre-cleared will need to accompany the captain with their paperwork. See above Clearing In/ Checking In at RBYC.

Clearance from Bermuda before sailing home

Captains must clear out with the Bermuda officials at RBYC if departing before June 24th. If departing after 1400 ADT June 27th, captains must clear out with Bermuda officials at the Yacht Reporting Center in St. Georges.

All captains must present their:

  • Bermuda Customs Clearance
  • Additional Crew and Passenger List – Private Yachts
  • Immigration Passenger Form and Passport for crew joining in Bermuda for the return trip

H.M. Customs will require confirmation of accommodations if crew are arriving early or staying beyond the departure of the yacht.

Delivery Crews: Flying In, Sail Out

Visitors entering Bermuda are normally expected to have a return ticket. However, those who wish to fly into Bermuda and depart by yacht should follow this procedure. The Captain of the yacht should give a letter to each crewmember who will be arriving in Bermuda by air on one-way ticket and leaving on the vessel. The letter should include the full name, date of birth, address and nationality of the crewmember, as well as the name of the vessel he or she will be joining. The Landing Permit fee of $23 must be paid on arrival to an Immigration Officer in either U.S. or Bermuda dollars. Cheques should be made payable to the Accountant General.


For Captains and Crew

Each individual crew member must apply in person with:

Passport (and return flight confirmation if applicable)

  • All US, Canadian, UK and Western Europe passports must be machine readable and all passports must be valid for at least 45 days after the traveler’s expected date of departure from Bermuda.
  • Married persons travelling using their married name but whose identification is in their birth name must also present their marriage certificate or a certified copy thereof.
  • Landed immigrants in the USA or Canada must also present their landed Immigration Status card (the “green card” in the US).
  • All travelers who require a multi re-entry visa (MRV) for the US, UK or Canada must also present this visa as well, and that visa must be valid for at least 45 days after the traveler’s expected date of departure from Bermuda. 

Completed Immigration Passenger Form (Form available in Newport)

Completed Customs Traveller Declaration Form (Form available in Newport; single form may be presented for immediate family members sharing a common household).  

For Captains:

Bermuda Customs Clearance – Vessel (Form available in Newport; captains should note that this form requires crew member’s names, birth dates, and passport numbers)

Additional Crew and Passenger List – Private Yachts (Form available in Newport)

Vessel Documentation (e.g. US Documentation Certificate, state Registration Certificate or similar vessel documentation for foreign-flagged vessels)

Additional Documents:

Racing crew returning by air:  If you’re racing to Bermuda but flying home, you’ll need to present your return ticket, boarding pass or airline confirmation to Bermuda Department of Border Control during your in-person pre-clearance interview at Harbour Court or, if not pre-cleared, at your in-person interview at RBYC.

Delivery crew arriving by air into Bermuda:  In order to clear Border Control at Bermuda’s airport, you’ll need a letter from your captain confirming you’re a part of the boat’s return trip crew and an anticipated departure date. You’ll also need your passport and completed Bermuda Immigration Passenger and Customs Traveller Declaration forms (they are supplied by your airline, in flight).

Racing crew returning on a different boat:  In these circumstances you’ll also need a letter from your return boat captain confirming you’re a part of the boat’s return trip crew and an anticipated departure date.

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