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The Sailing Museum


Water is essential for all life, but among sailors it’s also essential for living. The Sailing Museum is America’s home port, celebrating the mythic bond of those who go down to the sea for inner revival, athletic competition, or simple soul-nourishing pleasure.

Six themed experiences in seven iconic sailing classes allow veteran seafarers to revisit the steppingstones of their sport; encourage initiates with growing skills to explore new classes of watercraft; and, sweetest of all, give individuals yet to hoist a sail a taste of the exhilaration they will feel when they connect with wind and water. Every exhibit provides hands-on physical and mental entertainment, designed to hone leadership, develop teamwork, and teach the art of decision-making that breeds success.

The Museum is also the address of legends, a place to learn the inspiring stories of men and women elected to the National Sailing Hall of Fame whose championships and adventures shaped the sport. It also pays tribute to members of The America’s Cup Hall of Fame, those rare sailors with levels of expertise so outstanding that they distinguished themselves at the pinnacle of sailing.

Every important sport has its sacred ground, Cooperstown for baseball, Canton for football and Newport for sailing. While each honors the sport’s outstanding participants, one goes further. The Sailing Museum features displays that summarize the evolution of the sport, engage the sailing community at every level, catalyze participant proficiency, and illuminate the boundless gratification of a life under sail.

Visit soon, visit often.

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