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Offshore Passage Opportunities

Offshore Passage Opportunities (OPO) is the # 1 crew Network in North America. OPO has been helping sailors and owners make successful offshore passages since 1993. It is a very efficient system and easy to use.

  • Owners: OPO is happy to help you get crew for the NBR for the race down or the return sail back home after the race. The crew volunteer to sail for free. This service is free to you.   If you would like OPO to help you get crew learn more here: Newport Bermuda Race
  • Crew: If you wish to seek a berth as part of a racing crew. Please give OPO your name and e-mail address (and they will be happy to speak with you by phone as well if you wish) and they will send you an e-mail with the information about any owner or skipper who is looking for race crew. This service is also free to you. To try and get a crew berth on a boat in the race south or sail a boat back after the race click here:  Newport Bermuda Race

If you wish to sail offshore anytime: If you’re a crew looking to go sailing offshore not just in the NBR Race or the return sail then please take a look at how we offer quality offshore passages experiences for free to our members. Call-1-800-4-PASSAGE (800-742-7724.) or 631-423-4988. Or go to their website and learn how to become a member: or e-mail them at [email protected]



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