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Bermuda Tourism

The ‘Jewel of the Atlantic’, Bermuda is less than two hours away from most Eastern US airports.

Bermuda ranks as one of the more remote islands in the world. Certainly, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world; those from all walks of life have confirmed this point since the late 18th century when Bermuda began attracting visitors to its far-flung shores. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Island is on the same latitude as Cape Hatteras, NC, just 650 miles off the Eastern seaboard. Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is a sub-tropical island with lush vegetation; the seasonal rainfall and a stable water table provide sufficient water to support a relatively dense growth accented by splashes of glorious colour. The highlight of the Bermuda yachting calendar is the biennial Newport Bermuda Race. With its beginnings in 1906, the ‘Thrash to the Onion Patch’ has since inspired other long-distance races and has over the years attracted thousands of boats crewed by some tens of thousands of men and women who have raced to this beautiful island.



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