Bermuda Race Program posted: strategy, seasickness, race history, doublehanding, Onion Patch Series, NOR & more

The 2014 Newport Bermuda Race Program is now posted at


  • Frank Bohlen, “Bermuda Race Strategy, Navigational Considerations”
  • Dr. Jeff Wisch, “Seasickness: Prepare for It, Treat It”
  • Chris Museler, “Racing Shorthanded to Bermuda”
  • John Rousmaniere on race history, “Visionaries, Races, Heroes”
  • Pierre S. Du Pont, “Steady As She Goes” (racing a schooner to the Onion Patch)
  • Talbot Wilson, “The Onion Patch Series at 50”
  • Sheila McCurdy, “A Checklist for a Safe Passage”
  • Dr. Edward Harris, Bermuda origins of the Marconi rig
  • Plus:  NOR, Weather Briefings, Emergency Contacts
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