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Sea Bags

Sea Bags designs and manufactures totes and accessories using recycled sail cloth collected from a network of passionate boaters that love the water as much as we do. Of course, we clean our sails before we make them into bags, but the materials retain the essence of what they once were, where they’ve been and what they’ve done. It’s this previous life on the water that makes each bag unique.

We were founded in 1999 on three cornerstones that still guide us in business today: being made in Maine, giving back to our local community, and staying green in product and practice. In 2021, we became GreenCircle Certified, verifying the material used to make Sea Bags Totes and Bucket Bags is made from 100% recycled content from recovered sails and sail cloth. Because of this, we are proud to have saved over 700 tons of sails from the landfill. We also use eco-friendly inks and continuously develop innovative solutions for reducing waste.

Our materials come from Maine first, New England second and USA third. We use one of the last remaining thread manufacturers in the U.S. and one of a few rope manufacturers in New England. Each Sea Bag is meticulously designed, sewn and finished by skilled Maine craftspeople in Portland, Maine. We carefully select and cut sails, considering unique stitching details, grommet holes, and original markings, ensuring that every product is one-of-a-kind.



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