Bulletin #12—Clean Regattas, Selkie, Competitor Deadlines


Chairman’s Update:

In this week’s bulletin, we’re spreading the word about our continued commitment to the Clean Regattas program. This is the third consecutive race in which we have partnered with Sailors for the Sea on this critical effort to minimize our impact on our harbors, bays and oceans. Please make this effort a priority in your pre-race prep and practices while at sea.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d like to bring your attention to an amendment to the notice of race, posted this week on the official notice board.

We’ve also included administrative reminders ranging from key measurement deadlines, to hours available to complete registration and clear in with Bermuda border control, to reserving Bermuda dockage and sending gear to Bermuda in our shipping containers.

Jonathan Brewin
2018 Newport Bermuda Race Chairman

Newport Bermuda Race Partners with Sailors for the Sea

The Newport Bermuda Race is again proud to announce it has joined the race to restore ocean health with a goal to achieve Clean Regattas certification with Sailors for the Sea. Among the ways each competitor can help during the race:

  • Instead of single-serve plastic water bottles, drink from refillable water bottles.

  • Properly sort and recycle all glassware, paper, and plastics to minimize the waste headed to the landfill.

  • Clean your boat using water only or if necessary, an eco-friendly cleaner (we recommend EcoWorks Marine products). Most deck soaps contain phosphates and nitrates that can dramatically affect water quality, especially in a closed harbor.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, bicycling and taking advantage of ride-sharing where possible in Newport and Bermuda.

Please share this effort among your crews. We invite all of you to monitor our Sustainability page and to learn more about clean regatta best practices on Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas checklist.

Order Apparel Before the Deadline

Helly Hansen Newport is proud to be the official apparel sponsor for the Newport Bermuda Race 2018. We are currently outfitting many teams for the race until the cut off date of May 20th. Please get your order in by May 20th if you would like your items personalized for June 15th. Visit our team shop or shop our full selection in our store. If you have any questions regarding gear or custom logos please email Meghan Norton.

Important Deadlines & Other Reminders

May 15         Entry deadline (online forms, fees, and Captain’s Waiver)

May 24         Measurements deadline  (NoR 6.1 b.)

June 1          Crew deadline (NoR 5.4)

June 1          Inspections deadline (NoR 6.2 a.)

Read “Newport Bermuda Important Dates & Details” for notes on crew lists, crew certifications, inspections from info@bermudarace.com and more.


Selkie in Bermuda

Competitor Spotlight

Selkie, Morris 32.5 — Skipper Chip Bradish says he’s attending finishing school, but his little Selkie could stir things up in the Finisterre Division this year. (Benjamin Davis) photo. Read on.

Last Chances for Crew Safety Training

There are still a couple of safety training sessions ahead if needed to satisfy the Race’s safety at sea crew training requirements. At press time there were spots left in the May 19thseminar put on by Storm Trysail at SUNY Maritime, which includes two levels—the standard level offshore safety training and separate Hands-On Training. Also the Cruising Club of America seminar on June 13 in Newport has ample openings currently. This is also a good training opportunity for your return crewmembers.

Bermuda Shipping Containers Load at Newport Yachting Center

A commercial shipping company has been contracted to assist captains and crews wishing to send gear, sails, etc. to Bermuda. Loading of four 20′ containers will take place at Newport Yachting Center on June 13 from 0900-1700, and June 14 from 0800-1600. (Gear is expected to be available at RBYC on June 18.) Return shipping will also be available, loading on June 21 & 22 from 1000-1700 near RBYC in Bermuda with expected arrival in Portsmouth, RI (New England Boatworks) on June 26.

Space is available on a first come, first served basis as evidenced by the completion and submission of the required Bermuda Customs form. Captains must request space in containers before May 31st using the required Bermuda Customs form. Download the Bermuda Customs Form; instructions to fill out the form can be found here. The form should be printed, completed and emailed to European Ocean Freight as soon as possible, but in no event later than May 31st.

Race Registration and Bermuda Border Control at Harbour Court

See Bermuda Border Control page for more on pre-clearing into Bermuda.

Day, Date            Registration    Border Control

Sun, June 10      1200-1600        Not available

Mon, June 11      0900-1700        Not available

Tue, June 12       0900-1700         0830-1630

Wed, June 13      0900-1600         0830-1630

Thur, June 14     Not available     0800-1800**

** Note: Thurs. hours are new this year; Bermuda Border Control will close at 1800 SHARP!

Dock reservations in Bermuda

Space is limited! More than 40 boats have not yet made reservations at either of the two clubs. Please contact Royal Bermuda Yacht Club: Marina Manager Reggie Horseman marina@rbyc.bm or Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club: secretary@rhadc.bm  (441) 236-2250 or dockmaster@rhadc.bm (441) 538-0050

Looking for experienced crew?

One of the Media Team’s seasoned crewmembers who is a veteran Bermuda Racer is looking for a berth to the Onion Patch. Unlike Volvo Ocean Race reporters, his first priority would be his required crew duties; any onboard reporting during the race would be secondary. Contact media@bermudarace.com.


No. 3—Walk the Beach: If you’d rather exercise your legs between dips in the water, the best of both worlds is walking the four connected South Shore beaches—Horseshoe Bay, Chaplin’s By, Jobson’s Cove, and Warwick Long Bay.


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