Yacht Inspection Requirements

All content on this page pertains to the 2014 race and subject to update for the 2016 Bermuda Race.


Each captain is responsible for the safety of his or her yacht and crew, and for seeing that the yacht meets all safety standards outlined in the Notice of Race. In order to assist skippers, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) requires a courtesy inspection of each entrant before the start of the race.  This inspection is a great opportunity for captains to go through their boats with experienced racers examining general seaworthiness and key pieces of safety equipment.

Safety Inspections

It is each skipper’s responsibility to insure that the yacht meets all race requirements and that the necessary equipment is aboard and is in good working order. As in years past, captains are encouraged to contact an inspector early in the spring and schedule an inspection for as soon as the boat is ready for sailing and properly outfitted for the race.  A list of inspectors can be found on the Official Notice Board. The onboard inspection typically takes a couple of hours if the skipper or representative has everything ready and laid out for review by the inspector.  If yacht is poorly prepared, or not prepared, the inspector may ask to reschedule.

The inspection is an excellent time to ask questions of the inspector about the requirements and get useful tips on seamanship and safety practices. The inspector marks all items that passed inspection and makes notes on discrepancies that need fixing. If the boat is not adequately prepared at the time of inspection, the inspector will need to return when the discrepancies have been resolved.  The captain must be sure all discrepancies are resolved and re-inspected by the last day of inspections.

2014 Newport Bermuda Race Safety Requirements (NBRSR)

The inspection process will follow the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race Safety Requirements, downloadable from the Official Notice Board.

Required On Board Documentation

All yachts will be required to have on board in paper copy for the entirety of the race, the following documentation:

  1. Completed Vessel Inspection Checklist
  2. ORR Rating Certificate
  3. IRC Rating Certificate (for dual-scored yachts)
  4. Life Raft Inspection Certificate(s)
  5. 406 EPIRB Registration(s)
  6. Safety at Sea Participation List *
  7. On Board Training Certificate *
  8. CPR and First Aid Certificates *
  9. ABS/CE Builder’s Letter (if applicable)
  10. Stability Calculations for moveable ballast yachts (if applicable)

* Included in the Inspection Procedures file, available from the Official Notice Board.

As much of this Required Documentation as practicably available shall be aboard for the pre-race inspection.

Penalties for Missing the Deadline

All yachts will need to have their inspections complete no later than 1700, June 6, 2014.  Boats missing the deadline will be subject to penalties, including elapsed time penalties, as outlined in the Notice of Race.

Post-Race Inspections

Post-race inspections may be conducted at the discretion of the BROC. A portion of the fleet, including those whose finish times make them likely to receive a trophy, will be re-inspected in Bermuda. Special attention will be paid to Required On Board Documentation.  On rare occasions, an inspection in Bermuda has changed the standings of a division.


Volunteer inspectors are available to help entrants comply with race requirements, but the responsibility for compliance remains with the skipper. (Download the list of inspectors from the Official Notice Board).   First time racers and those seeking additional assistance preparing for the safety inspection may contact a Race Ambassador for help.  In addition, certain yachts (including those that have not previously competed in the race and those requiring specific attention) may be assigned an inspector after her Application for Entry is accepted.

Questions about Inspections?

View the Inspections FAQ or contact Inspections Chairman James Phyfe

Inspection Resources

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